New to the game and community...want to assimilate

Whats good everyone?

I am making this post to take a different approach than the typical ‘how do i get good, etc’. I have already read those posts and have been taking all the necessary steps to improve my personal game 8). The issue i am having though is that i do not quite understand how to get my foot into the community. I come from a VERY heavy competitive/professional gaming background so this is not my first rodeo with gaming communities and such, but the one genre i have NEVER even tried has been the fighter genre. I started a few months back with SSF4 and had a blast learning and working my skill up, but have now instantly fallen in love with MVC3. I read these forums daily and all of you are absolutely an awesome group of people when it comes to helping eachother out and overall constructive ideas and thoughts that help drive the progression of everyones game. (i can’t wait to be a part of it).

My problem is that none of my RL friends play fighters and since i have no background in it i am not quite sure how to start building a group of friends and training partners. As you all know compared to PC gaming or even other console games, the online engine for these games are piss poor as far as allowing you to interact with the community straight through its natural engine (i dont blame them since there is no real reason to have this when you just want to queue to fight eachother). It is actually very bland and boring when i come home from work, hit up the practice mode for some BnB work, and then just queue up for a while to get my ass kicked while i try and work on shit, and thats the end of my night. It seems like im not even playing against other people somtimes since there is literally NO interaction between us. I want to be a part of it all, but i feel as though i am just playing the game by myself. Any thoughts/ideas/tips or tricks to kind get some sort of interaction to make my experience a little more enjoyable?

I am from Cleveland, Ohio if anyone is from around that area or knows of gatherings for us nerds.

Frag heavy my friends!

Since the gist of your post seems to be how you want to find people in your area to practice and compete against, I suggest hitting up the “Regional Matchmaking” tab on the homepage. You found here, you should be able to find it.

i say try to find people in your area to get together and play some casuals. If you cant find people around your area try to see if there are places that you are around you to drive and play there.You probably cant go drive to game sessions everyday for casuals but you cant go maybe every 2-3 weeks. While your there try to ask for advice on how to improve & watch other people play different charecters/play-styles. Good Luck

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well not just local, but in general…or is the bulk of community just gatherings of locals for this type of game?

Pretty much yeah. Unless you want to get involved online or plan to be traveling around to majors A LOT.

regional matchmaking is your friend. its how i got to know the socal community and when i moved away from there a couple of months ago its how i met people in the oregon community. i’m pretty sure ohio/cincinnati has a pretty decent fighting game scene… most big cities do.


Cleveland? We have a tournament today as a matter of fact…

Midwest Thread
You can also keep an eye on major tournaments which will be advertised on SRK.
Offline competition is the best for fighters, because you don’t have to cope with lag (netcodes are bad), and you get to meet new people, and FG ranbats and tournaments are among the friendliest of places for competitive gaming. You get much needed critique and experience higher level play than online.

Don’t expect to level up very much from solely playing online. If you don’t want to be competitive, sure online is sufficient.
But after your first local ranbat or tournament, you will most likely want to go back. Many of the top players spend very little time in the online environment compared to offline.

New players have a stigma of not taking themselves to the offline scene because they think they’re not good enough or they have poor interpersonal skills. Don’t be one of these. Most people who start off are bad anyway; you aren’t alone.

Sorry, but I disagree with AZproc. Some people play offline, because they don’t have a community or the gaming locations are located too far. I personally play online, because I am still new to this game/city (even though I hear there is a big community) and the places I know are over an hour drive. I don’t think I’ll drive that far just to play casuals and spend money on gas, etc…

Which system you play on? I’ll be happy to be your sparring partner (hopefully you aren’t really noob).

Edit: Didn’t read the part when AZproc was referencing to the competitive play.

Play online and get ur experience that way with MATCHUPS, outside of that u may want to find a scene or hell start your on…im a soldier and its hard to stay put for long but im bout to start a Fort Hood Scene for soldiers who cant go off post since im not goin anywhere soon lol…Once you get a scene u will learn all sorts of tricks and tactics and u will see ur game get better…Also if u play online like i do alot play ppl better then you and ask them too help you thats what i do and i help others too