New to the forum? START HERE!

Following the mentality of “Don’t just talk about it, be about it!”, I’m starting this thread to help anyone new to this forum. These aren’t special revelations that you can’t find at work in any other forum here on They just need to be posted for the very welcome influx of new Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix players that we have coming in.

Whether you’re new to this forum, this website, or forums at all, let me be clear…you’re welcome here! That said, here are a few tips that will make your experience here that much more fruitful.

  1. Read the Wiki!!!

We use a lot of specific terminology here, so if you want to understand what we’re talking about, you’ll read the Wiki. You’ll also find a lot of the information that you may be wondering about and information that you didn’t know and may not find out otherwise there.

  1. Read the articles in “The Dojo”.

What you don’t learn reading the Wiki, you’ll learn in The Dojo. In particular, you’ll learn the mindset of higher level players, which is very important to consider when posting…especially if you’re trying to complain about something.

  1. Lurk the forums that you’re interested in first. Do not post.

This is for your own good. You will want to read what has already been said and get a feel for how you should post. This will keep you from posting something that violates the next few tips and makes people skip over your posts instead of reading them and taking them seriously. You want your questions answered in a timely manner and you don’t want to get flamed for them, right? Give yourself about a month to get used to this forum.

  1. Always search for what you’re looking for before posting.

This point can’t be repeated enough. Street Fighter 2:World Warrior came out in 1991. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo came out in 1994. (I’ll correct that if it’s wrong.) This game has been around for a LONG TIME…and so have a good deal of the people already on this website. That being said, there is a lot of information that is already out there, whether on this website or on the intenet in general. Your question may have been answered before this forum came to be or it may have been answered here. It may have even been answered as recent as yesterday. However, you’ll never know if you don’t search! Plus, this gives you the added incentive of not irritating the people who have already answered your question within the past week. Search the forum for what you’re looking for by looking at the first two pages of the forum. Usually, if your question is general to the game or specific to a character, a thread already exists for it. Go to that thread and use the ‘Search’ function. Key in on one word if you can, but use multiple words if you have to. We understand that the ‘Search’ function can only do so much, but make an honest effort.

Pro Tip: “Use Google and do a site search. Way better than the forum’s search function…” -megamanpb

  1. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for in the Wiki or by searching the forum, post your question in the appropriate thread!

Again, if it’s a general question about HD Remix, post in the ‘General Discussion’ thread. If it’s about a video, post in the ‘Video’ thread. (They’re stickied for a reason.) If it’s a character specific question, post in that character’s thread.

  1. If the question is about a specific group of characters or something that applies to a specific set of characters…or something so specific that you feel it will warrant its own discussion…then, by all means, create a new thread.

If you have reached this point, a new thread will be welcomed…as long as it’s not something silly. If you have read the major parts of the forum (especially the parts dedicated to teaching like “The Dojo”) and have lurked long enough without posting, you’ll already know what would be considered “silly” and what would be considered “worth reading”.

  1. Have fun!

Don’t take yourself so seriously that you’re easily offended. Don’t forget that emotion can easily be misinterpreted when reading something. Whatever you do, please don’t think you’ve arrived because you think you’ve found something that hasn’t been discovered…because it probably already has been discovered and, if you had really arrived, videos of your tournament wins would be all over YouTube. Even if videos of your tournaments are all over YouTube, arrogance isn’t welcome here. Humility is. It’s a game we’re talking about. C’mon now.

I hope this has been helpful. Again, welcome to the forum and I hope to see your name next to some really good questions, answers, and apologies for when you post misinformation.

Peace out and God bless.