New to street figher. cant get out of super bronze. please help

so ive played mortal kombat x and i was pretty good at picking it up and understanding the game and why i was losing and the basic strategy to it. but on street fighter i cant seem to do the same thing. there arent any options for ground overhead attacks in street fighter. every character looks like they have 1 overhead attack and they dont combo into anything so theyre kind of useless in my opinion. and i know the concept of using light medium and hard attacks are…light = fast but low damage (usually safe on block) medium = moderate speed and damage, sometimes punishable on block and hard = high damage but very punishable on block… but i think there seems to be some sort of “counter” system involved in this?? anyway im sure theres more for me to improve on but i would appreciate any help you guys could give me


We actually have a user on this website that teaches new players how to play, try asking this guy @mobbdeep

SF is primarily about space control. Mixups are important but, secondary.

You should be able to get out of bronze by anti airing and spamming your best poke and not taking unnecessary risks.

decent. i gave him a shout. thanks!

Don’t mean 2 sound like a dick but I always find it funny when an mkx player tries 2 play SFV and expects overheads 2 combo into insane damage lol.

On topic who r u using? that will help to give u a better answer but mostly what Necrotrophic said is very true work on ur AAs, ur pokes and kno how to punish and work up from there. Try to learn ur meaties as well (when ur opponent is getting up from a knockdown u press a button so it hits them as they r gettin up)

Mediums actually tend to be plus on block and good frame trap tools. Frame traps are super important in this game as there are barely any true blockstrings. Important things to learn are anti airs, best pokes, frame traps, meaties, and frame data so you know what to punish. Who do you play?

lol well ya! i mean like im not even looking for insane damage with the over head im just looking for some sort of mix up better than a grab but grab does more damage anyway so theres pretty much no point in doing an overhead lol.

but ya im using ryu cuz i figured he would be a good starting character. i tried a little bit of vega and was doing alright but i dont really know how to use him or do combos. ryu’s combos, for the most part, are pretty easy to pull off if youre using a controller.

side note: i feel like using a game pad is WAY more of an advantage in street fighter since the inputs for moves are alot harder to pull off. every tournament i see the players are using a big clunky game pad. has anyone won a tournament with a regular controller? lol

what are meaties and frame traps? LOL

Play Laura :wink:

Are you talking about an arcade stick vs a pad? The 1st and 3rd place in the last major were both pad players. The first place also being the current Capcom Cup champion.

Just a sidenote to the overhead thing: there are seven characters in the game who can combo off an overhead depending on the circumstances. Ibuki can do it at all times, same for Balrog, same for Karin (after her Ressenha special, though that’s more of a follow-up), Necalli can do it if it’s a CC, Chun-Li can do it in V-Trigger, Laura can do it in V-Trigger and Urien can cancel into V-Trigger from his overhead to complete the combo.

mkx players

Depending on the character, an overhead can give you 1. a combo 2. a mix-up 3. a frame trap to continue pressure 4. a way to open up people and make them understand they can’t just crouch block indefinitely.
But yeah, if you’re looking for a game with heavy low/high ground mix-ups this isn’t the game for you. Mix-ups in SF are more of the kind of strike vs throw or left vs right (which is absent in MKX because the block button is not directional).

If you give your CFN we can review some of your matches and give you more advices to improve your game.

Practice on casual matches first. Even if it takes a 20 losing streak. It worked for me. I lost over 3k points trying to learn a new character. Using ranked was a bad idea so I went to casual games instead. I lost so many games in casuals, but having a no point deduction caused no salt levels to rise. I then got good by learning the matchups using casuals and now I am at 7200+LP heading my way up to plat.

Spamming buttons with Bison will get you out of Bronze guaranteed. Nobody v reversals or anti airs in bronze

As a former (and still occasional Ultra) Bronze brother, I know that pain. It’ll come eventually. To be honest, you just kind of have to practice your fundamentals and grind it out in some combination. It might suck to hear, and you’re probably going to have some kind of a “man, I fucking suck and this is pointless” moment at some point. When I first broke through to Silver, I almost immediately had a complete breakdown and went on an epic losing streak until I was almost down to Rookie again. Mental fortitude and not going on tilt is an important skill to have, particularly if you’re not that good and losing a lot.

Watch pros and what they’re doing. Try to understand why they do what they do (solid commentators who explain the strategies help with this). Try to identify where you’re losing most of the time. For me, it was excessive turtling and poor anti-airs the led to me getting fucked in the corner by aggressive players. Identify your strengths. But all in all, it’s just getting a feel for the game.

Don’t listen to @OceanMachine he doesn’t know what a reset is and can’t figure out how to meaty people

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