New to Strange

Hey guys, I’m thinking of picking up dr. strange for nova/spencer team and using him as an anchor. Could anyone please tell me what to do after the nova crumple to strange raw tag in this vid: [media=youtube]gKnAeD6vMFc[/media] Sorry, I tried searching around nemo strange combos and what not. =(

It is the Flames of the Faltine loop. He does c.H > Impact Palm > S > Air Impact Palm > Flames of the Faltine > Air Impact Palm > Grounded Impact Palm > S > Air Impact Palm > …
You can do a maximum of 3 flames while in the air, as you can see in 0:11, however the opponent needs to be properly spaced. You need to aim always for his feet (the impact palm should always hit below the opponent). This loop is very difficult because of spacing issues and execution, so I recommend you to train a lot. Also this loop will drop when you are close to 39 hits, so you should finish here with a M/H mystic sword into Spell of Vishanti as in the video or use the level 3 Astral Magic. Keep in mind this loop doesn’t work if you have a grace of Hoggoth placed outside the corner you are doing it. Welcome to Dr. Strange!

It actually still does, but it is extremely difficult to do, even for me. You have to be dead-on with the timing and spacing otherwise the fireball won’t make immediate contact with the opponent. It causes some weird stuff to happen too, like a point-blank Flame will actually pull opponents TOWARDS Strange.

But yeah, that’s pretty much never gonna happen in a real match anyways.

Didn’t know that mazio O.o I could never do the loop with a grace positioned far from the corner. But the best to do in this situation is probably do the Impact Palm loop and finish with those Ryan Hunter mixups.

Yeah, you can see it at 1:16 of this vid. THIS WAS SO DAMN HARD TO DO. ;__;