New to SSFIV AE, and Dudley

Hey guys, just made a post in general too.

Im an old player, honestly with not that much experience of fighting games but a huge experience of competative games on PC or consoles.

Been really trying to find out what to play, and I found this gem of a game.

So, I didnt fall for any of the Ken, Ryu, Oni, Balorg posts that people recomend to new players.
And I can already confirm after a day of playing the game that, I have lost to players where I am utilizing around 10 moves, and they are using 2, by playing above characters.
I lost cause I was bad enough not to know how to counter, they won cause they played a very easy character.
It does not matter, it just means I need to up my game, alot.

I bought the game and I have spent around 5 hours in the training room just doing combos over and over and over again:-) Then went a little arcade and online.

I h ave to say that I really like Dudley.
It was the 3rd character I tried in t his game, and I even tried Ken, and I fell for him immediately.
Alben would be another character I can imagine I like since I enjoy grappling, and honestly, with Dudley, in the games I have played so far I dare say that 25% of my total damage in average is from throws. Which I usually land after a machine gun combo.

Im trying to get cork screw into the combos but I cant get it to work.
Im having issues getting the ultras off when I want them, and I need to really learn the basic moves better.
I have focused alot on combos and realize that sometimes, the basic jab might be a better solutoin then trying to do a feint attack followed by a myriad of combos.

havent found any good Dudley guides though. Just list of combos which I know already.

But, is Dudley a decent move for a new player? I have learned him well already but, is he too hard to play vs the easy characters?
i almost ditched him yesterday after meeting a few players that only played Ken, Ruy, Oni or that Makana girl. No offence to good players of those characters but personally I find them lame as hell, of the short time I faced them. But I refuse to play them myself for a cheap win.

Nice game. And Dudley is exactly my cup of tea when it comes to character choice.
But again, is it even a viable choice? Or do you need to be a master to beat a new comer.
What happens when you face hardcore ken, Oni etc players that are very good, and play such a character? Can Dudley stand up to them?

Found And I think I can safely say I will continue with mr Dudley:-)
Great videos showing me what I need to focus on.

Subscribe to this channel, watch all videos and keep it classy.

Dudley is going to be a hard character to learn. Takes a long time to get good with him at the actual game (footsies, not combos). You haven’t found any good dudley guides? Did you even read the forums before you posted?.. There’s a ton of dudley info on the forums. Look through the stickies and the in depth dudley progression guide thread.

also watch everything on

Be ready to lose a lot since dudley isnt an easy character to pick up,he has to be constantly in the opponents face to win and im sure a lot of the users here are willing to help like Mr.X shintroy Mellow Reewindo(sp?)

Haha I’m the same way, I’ve had this game for about a year now and I’ve never picked Ken, Ryu, Yun, or anyone else that seems really good lol. Some people say if you are new to the game Dudley might not be the best choice for starters. But I said screw it and stuck with him ever since the beginning. Also, don’t forget to throw roses, lots and lots of roses!


If you got any questions ask me through PM or youtube. I cant teach you how to play SF4 but I can teach you how to play Dudley after you learned the basics of the game.

Just tell me when we can play i got my ass beat(no homo) by a few ryu/ken sakura bison

wait u got ssf4 for 360?

Bro…i got it like 2 weeks ago didnt you see that nova video i put up?

O Rite soz im slow at these things
Just send me a PM hen I’m on

alright sounds like a plan,should i use a mic or no?

Sure brah i’m im not on tonight Ill be on Sunday. I got a funeral to go to tomorrow

dudley can whip ass i know this is an old post but i myself am trying to become a dudley player & help out other dudley players he’s a really strong character & not alot of people are willing to learn this guy i mean he takes sum time getting in but once your in its a rap like he has sooo many tools to deal with soo much shit he’s an excellent character in my book tons of damaging combos numerous ways to get in excellent foostie tools & is a really fun character to play

I’m more a balrog player but love dudley too, still have a lot to learn but this place has a lot of info