New to SSF4 and Honda

I know the basics of SSF4, the very small basics but someone on another forum suggested I use Honda instead of a character like Ryu or someone that uses combos containing cancels etc etc. I still dont understand cancels and linking and all that 100%. Here’s what I wrote on the other forums

[details=Spoiler]I don’t know about SSF4 anymore. I’ve been doing hadouken a million fricken times and shoryuken and tatsu and airborne tatsu. I know I need to slow down and learn these moves like second nature, but this is just the tip of a very tall ass iceberg. All the information told on the forums is great but it explains it from a perspective of someone whos played games before ssf4. I guess its hard to explain, but i feel like I need to understand the reasoning for every single move and why it exists in the game. All the combos (save for the really easy ones) look like something that you would need experience for.

… I still love the game and the history of the characters but its so frustrating trying to do these combos and not understanding the timing it takes and why you need that timing and how to cancel and link all these combos together and the frame data you need to know. Then, when I get a combo down, after training in practice mode I go online. I attempt to at least get one very simple combo off, cuz I know I will lose, but I always get stomped and the moment I get the chance to do it and never works out like intended. SSF4 is the first game where I feel like I need to take a college class to learn it.

… I feel like SSF4 is another game in a series of installments for players who have played the previous game or have previous fighting game knowledge on the mechanics. I feel like it is not really intended for someone who is completely new to play it. The learning curve is so freaking steep…

I really wanna play ssf4, but I think it will take a very very very long time for me to learn it. I feel like I have to make up for years of (implied) knowledge that I should have. I’ve never experienced this in any time I have played video games. I could usually solve all my problems by forcing myself to be competitive and learning that way. I’m not going to try to play all my games competition-level competitive but I definitely want to win. If I play CoD I always aim to be within the top three. I feel like, in order to do that on SSF4 I might need a year or two of straight SSF4 practice.[/details]

So someone suggested that I pick up Honda since he suggested that he was a quintessential DTR character. (Distance/Timing/Reaction) and that I don’t need to try to learn all these complicated combos.

So far I like E. Honda over Ryu who I picked up (just cuz he’s MC). I just don’t know how to do moves like Sumo Headbutt. I’m so used to Ryu/Ken/Akuma type characters because when I looked at some of these ‘charge moves’ (I think they’re called?) I gave up because I couldn’t do them. I think I’m over thinking the inputs…

Well, I hope someone helped you out already but I’ll explain how to do Honda’s special moves for you. Honda is what we call a “charge character,” meaning that some (NOT ALL) of his moves must be charged for 55 frames (if the game works at 60 frames per a second, that means that you much charge the backwards direction or downward direction for just shy of one second) before the directional input will be registered with the game as correct.

SO. Sumo Headbutt is done by holding the stick backwards and then pressing forward (ONLY after holding the stick in the backwards position for about 1 second) + 1 of the punch buttons. Try walking backwards for a couple of seconds (try 3 or 4) and then pressing the stick (or D-Pad) forward while simultaneously pressing a button–If that doesn’t work, then you probably did it wrong. Just try again. Street fighter takes patience. A lot of patience.

SO. Sumo Slam (buttslam) is done the same way, except instead of holding backwards for 1 second, you must hold the down position for 1 second. After holding the down position for 1 second, simultaneously press the up direction and any one of the kick buttons to do buttslam.

With both of these moves the button you press determines the speed and distance the move travels. In addition to that, you can block while “charging” for both of these moves. That’s why they call honda a DTR character (although I’ve never heard that in my life). Honda has to be patient. You can hold back and down while charging a headutt or buttslam to pre-emptively stuff your opponents offense. It’s easy to remember: Headbutt: back to forward punch. Buttslam: down to up kick.

One of honda’s other moves is the** hundred hand slap**. Watch this to figure it out. Just press any punch button multiple times to make HHS come out.

Next one is Ochio and that’s an input grab. That means you have to input a quarter circle backwards motion + punch in order to get it to come out.

and that’s it.

what other questions?