New to Shoryuken !

Pie monster

CvS2 is a fun game, you might want to hit up @SNAAAAKE if you’re looking for CvS2 people.


Intro threads are really unnecessary in SRK…because no one will likely give a fuck.

If you are simply here to promote your social media stuff…then don’t waste your time and log off.

If you want to discuss about MKX or any other fighting games, there are already plenty of threads/subsections here for discussions…just scroll down the main forum page and you’ll see subsections dedicated to various fighting games.

Welcome…and good luck.

I know Asshole @“Geese Pants”

cool man :slight_smile:

  • the newbie dojo is a place to ask newbie related questions about fighting games
  • the newbie dojo is absolutely not a place to advertise
  • if you want to introduce yourself to people at SRK, do so to other locals in the regional matchmaking forums
  • being rude to people that have been around here a lot longer and actually follow the rules isn’t a great way to make a first impression, especially when you are trying to promote your website while doing so