New to mvc a few questions

  1. What’s a good beginner character?
  2. How do you use cancel infinity storm into level 3?
  3. How high will the learning curve be for a fresh noob like me?
  4. Is their an easier way to air cancel for combos?
  5. How on earth should i begin learning a character or forming a team?
  6. Whats the best way to deal with people who only pick soul stone to revive their dead teammate?

First off, do the movement and system missions.

  1. Play with Ryu for a bit, then pick Ultron. He has very large hit boxes and a wide variety of tools you’re going to come across often. Due to his large hit boxes you’ll experience the system easier and get a decent eye and a feel for it, before you move on to different sized and more technical characters.

  2. To cancel Infinity storm into level 3 simply activate Infinity storm again with the two buttons.

  3. I’m not going to lie to you, huge. It depends on your experience with other fighters or execution/reaction based games. However, you are coming into this game with a fresh mind, you are not held back by habits from previous games, so you may progress faster than you think with hard work.

  4. You have auto combo which is activated by repeatedly pressing light punch, this can be turned on or off in the controls options menu. Unfortunately to do more technical things you need to switch it off and do it the hard way.

  5. Go through a characters move list and see what they can do. If you find something you like and get sparks of ideas then roll with it in training mode, fight the CPU and see how each move behaves in different situations, then you can experiment with record mode and create your own specific situations.

  6. Deal with it!

  1. in my matches so far people often wanna force a rushdown after soul storm activation and tend to run in any hyper you throw at them.

Thanks alot! Also is hulk and captain marvel a good team ?