New to Hakan

Hey everyone, I’m new to the forums and would like some help learning Hakan. I’m previously an E.Honda player and want to pick up Hakan for his unique play and to use a somewhat mobile grappler. However, I’m having problems where to start with this character in terms of what to learn and practice in the training room. What are thesuggested links/combos/blockstrings which are essential to Hakan’s play? Also, when is the right stage in terms of execution to move onto FDNC/FADNC/DNC combos? Finally, why is it that sometimes during matches when I input a qcf, an spd will come out? Is this simply an issue on my end or a shortcut which I’m not aware of?

Hakan doesn’t have many link combos at all. They mostly involve s.lp and into slide + press. And also I am terrible at them but still pull out wins haha. His basic special cancelable moves like and into slide don’t really need to be practiced.

Things to practice in training room, or the things I practice anyway, are uncrouchable set ups with oil dive including resets from There is a thread just dedicated to these uncrouchable setups so I would go take a look at those for sure.

The other thing to practice in training room is how to DNC properly. Start learning this as early as possible as it is essential to Hakan’s game plan and really isn’t that difficult. As was mentioned before start by practicing to parry jump in attacks and then follow up with a link combo or do a tick grab. Also learn to confirm hitting a lvl1 focus attack and continue it into a DNC combo.

All Hakan’s hate short cuts. It took me forever to not get oildive if I did jump back into oil up. You really got to make sure you go back to neutral before you start any qcf or DP motions. I think really the key is just to make sure you don’t end in up-forward when doing QCF. Stop the motion right at the forward direction.

I’m sure others can chime in on how to practice the Hakan link combos cause I am still working on them myself.

Ah I see, thanks for all the information, it was very helpful! Has anyone got any tips on what to do when trying to oil up against rushdown characters who are dealing constant pressure? Without any easy reversals, I’m finding it very difficult.

The only safe way to oil up is after an untechable knockdown. Some characters you can do a lk oil from full screen but others you cannot. For example Dudley can punish with EX machinegun blow quite easily if he has meter.
Against characters like Bison who just scissor you in the corner and don’t let you oil up, well that’s just how it is. You have to learn to fight as Hakan in both situations. Learn to use your normals because things like st.hp and are always good, regardless of oil or not. Eventually you will land another knockdown and then you can try to get some oil applied.