New To forum - My Take On Gouki

Hey First post and thought would share some VERY inspired art from playing Street fighter IV.

Have played Sf since the snes days and picked up a copy and became very highly inspired to create a pic of Gouki.

Average work time was about 2 weeks on and off probs a bit more.

It could do with some more work but Interest has waned as of late, I’ve just decided to invest in a fight stick and may get this as my bg for it… will have to see :slight_smile:

Anyway let me know what you think!

First off… Holy Shit! Thats bad ass man, seriously impressed.
Secondly, welcome to the forums bro.

Thanks dude, :smiley:
I usually go for a more anime look with my art but now I think im going to try and go for the semi realistic looking now! :slight_smile:

Another reason I liked it is I’m a bodybuilder myself and hes performing a well known pose.

You did a great job with the semi realistic approach, I look forward to seeing more.

Great work man looks epic
and i have seen the rest of your work on Deviant , PRO


don’t fuck with akuma.

Wow what a complement, Im not a pro when it comes to traditional art, I concentrate more so on 3d work, the 3D on Deviant is all VERY old stuff tho

I have the newer stuff on my webby :slight_smile:

But cheers again dude I will keep an eye out for your works :smiley:

first off… fuck you for drawing him 10x better than me

man that is awesome and the size is appreciated. it really stands out


Thanks dude, You have anywhere I may see some of your works?

I still see an awful lot wrong with the image, but sheer lack of interest and a lack of a proper understanding of using a tablet has stopped me from carrying on. This is my first real attempt at using a graphics tablet, this pic was mainly a drawing and painting excercise, as well as a study for human muscle groups.
Possibly a wee bit too much to try and learn in one go, but I will be more relaxed next image, just need some inspiration on what to draw now lol!

Whoa…that’s fuggin’ badass.

And if this was just you trying to put together what you learned, then I look forward to seeing some of your future works.

You keep up the keep up, d1ablo_j1n [complicated name to type out!].

fucking awesome ste :smiley:

Ha ha Cheers son!

Also thanks Sasmasta, once i get the next pic sketched will upload for you all to see :slight_smile:

D1ablo_j1n is my psn id so thought would go with it incase ppl wanted to add :slight_smile:

reminds me of tsang tsun from mortal kombat for some reason haha.
i love this pick though it was very well made.

Very nice! I like the coloring and the pose the most. You’ve spent a good amount in the details, too.

Dang. I say your take on Akuma is fearsome. VERY nice work man, I’m inerested in seeing more!

this would look great on a fighting stick :o


Sets as wallpaper

Please do some more high res pics. :smiley:

very nice job …

whats your website? … i wanna see some of your work.

WOW I havent been on here for a while and thanks guys for the comments, very much appreciated. Was thinkingabout having this on my fightstick but I main Ryu so gonna design a new pic for that.
My website is, its mainly graphic design and webdesign stuff on there and the 3D design which is what my job is. No 2d illustration as of yet but since getting a intuos 4 at work im gonna be using that to its full potential and not using my crappy trust one at home lol!
If any wants to crit anything then by all means do so :slight_smile: or if any ideas on how I shud draw ryu for my fightstick then fire away! :smiley:

I Don’t beleive you did that AKuma… Man I miss alot of shit Within a few weeks/Months.
Repping UK? Nice…