New to Evil Ryu, wants help
Short video of a match with me and my friend. Both of us are training with our respective characters.
So, uh… I’d like tips and a few pointers on how to play Evil Ryu correctly, and win some matches.
Note: There was some lag during the match, so I dropped a few links (like in the first few seconds in the vid)
Also, I am aware that I dropped my DP->FADC->U1, probably because lack of application in matches. (I was able to do Ryu’s DP->FADC->U1 as an Ultra punish on some matches though)

Do you play on xbox at all?

I’m still a beginner but I noticed a few things. The main thing is that you should be utilizing cr.MK > Fireball > FADC combos.

Thanks for replying!
I play only on PC, but I do have a 360 controller, and I’m saving up for a stick soon.
Yeah, I’ll see about using FADC combos. The only one I can get consistently is:
jump in HK->cl. HP->Hadouken->FADC->Shoryuken, but I have done the one with cl. HP and Tatsu a couple of times offline.

What else did you notice? Again, thanks a lot, mate.

Hm, I wouldn’t really recommend that combo, but at least your execution is getting down.
I’d say practice the regular E. Ryu BnB, cl.HP > MK Axe Kick > cr.MP > LK Tatsu > HP DP.
Also, in footsies, use your cr.MK > Fireball. Once you start getting that down, E Ryu’s play style will start opening up to you.

I have a bit of trouble with that Axe Kick to cr. MP link. Oh well, time to start practicing.
Thanks for your help, once again.

I am an Evil Ryu beginner as well. Just started him in Ultra. AudricVsFood is right, there are a lot of opportunities to do cr. MK > hadoken > FADC > “make opponent cry” combos, but that comes in time with practice. I like that you do tick throws. Learn some block strings and learn to kara throw. It helps alot because it moves Evil Ryu closer when the distance seems out of range to throw. I believe you cancel toward MP into throw (practically a frame after the toward medium starts).
Since you use U1, learn all the basic combos leading into U1. For example: (air to air) jump MP > U1, (when opponent is in corner) combo into EX tatsu > U1, anti air LP shoryuken > U1. Those are just starters. You, yourself, noticed that you dropped shoryuken > FADC > U1. I practiced this with the training dummy on random block. If they block, dash back. If it hit’s, dash forward and do U1. Just build the reaction for it and also the muscle memory to do it. Plus you do not want to be caught dashing forward after a blocked shoryu > FADC forward. Then you will be in punish city.
One thing I learned is Evil Ryu has good pressure, but the better aspect are his punishes due to his damage output. I personally think using your pressure to force the opponent into making mistakes and punishing them is key to your battle plan. So it requires good reads on opponent’s behavior and the better your punishes are, the more the match can lead into your favor. One way to do this is learning your safe jumps. Also learn hard knockdown combos like LK tatsu > sweep (these can take practice) which safe jumps generally benefit from.
If you go on to and look up GameboiDS, he has a lot of great vids for Ultra Street Fighter 4 version of Evil Ryu. I believe Lil Evil is on the forums and gives a great deal of knowledge about the character too. For this character, there’s a great deal of resources to learn from. Hope this helps!
Also, load a match that you lose. I personally think it is beneficial to see why you got punished or analyze why you did that at that point. Find ways to break out of any bad habits.

Lil Evil is active in this sub forum. He’s a cool guy, too. I ask him questions over Facebook and he always responds within an hour or two.

Oh cool! Thanks! Is there a link he posted up at all on the forums?

Ah, thanks for replying!

I can do a few FADC combos now, but I seem to hit them at about 75% of the time offline. Online drops the percentage by a great amount. How do you guys adjust to doing combos online?
Also, my preferred block string is cr. LP x2 > cr. MP (which I don’t hit 15% of the time) > Hadouken. Are there any more that can cover longer distances? I have trouble if not in the range where that string hits.
For me, I didn’t really bother with the LK Tatsu > Sweep because I feel that a Shoryuken gives me more guaranteed damage (dunno if the sweep does do more damage due to scaling, though). This guy isn’t Akuma, so how does the sweep really benefit him? Maximillian Dood, Sako and Daigo don’t seem to do the LK Tatsu > Sweep, afaik.
I seem to have some difficulties with Kara-throwing. Are there any videos explaining the process? I’ve tried to use a bunch of methods for RC’ing in CvS2, but I can’t do a Kara very often. Also, which is better for doing the kara-demon-the overhead chop or the hopkick?

I honestly don’t use E. Ryu at all online bc I have a hard time adjusting to lag, but in the training room there is an option where you can simulate lag and even adjust how many frames of lag there are.

That cr.LP > cr.MP string is a 2 frame link, so you need to get that down. Lol.

At farther ranges, you can use cr.MP > cr.MK > Fireball. It doesn’t combo unless it’s on counter hit, but sometimes it’s good for pressure.

I don’t think anyone really uses the LK Tatsu > Sweep combo anymore. It does at least 20 less damage than ending with HP DP.

For the kara throw, just plink your HP with throw. There’s also this video: fast forward to 6:30. Vesper should be demonstrating how to kara with Ken.

Most E. Ryu players use the hop kick to land demon.

The tatsu sweep is lower damage, which damage is very important to Evil Ryu, but generally it is useful to mix-up different knockdown situations IMO. Even though Evil Ryu is not a vortex character like Akuma, I feel he still benefits even from the mix-up of the situation. If you were to land BnB > LK tatsu > HP shoryu, they have the option to quick rise or do normal wake up. That situation is important to Evil Ryu in the sense they are pressured and could end up making a mistake on wake up, but doing this can also give opportunity for them to escape or set things back to neutral if they are not in the corner… so tatsu sweep can be important for certain situations I guess. Let’s say you are in the corner, but you land a cr. MP. You can cr. MP > LK tatsu > sweep. Since you were in the corner, you now have the opportunity to switch sides on the opponent with a cross up jump tatsu or a cross up MK (Note: cross up tatsu can lose to auto corrected DPs), leaving them cornered. I also find it useful against people who can tech your throws often, but hop kick is a good option against that too. Tatsu > Sweep just guaranties a hard knockdown for ambiguous set ups. Also, when landing it midscreen, It helps stay on their ass. Useful for keep away characters that try to keep you out and you feel you never want them to quick rise. But that’s my opinion of it. I feel it is an option applicable in certain situations that can help your game plan grow more for Evil Ryu.

You are right though, it is not used often at all. Even I do not use it too much but there’s some practical uses for it. But I too am in the same shoes you are. Beginner Evil Ryu as well. I posted a discussion with one of my matches too. You can check it out and see my lack of anti airs and overuse of hop kicks (Noob status) LOL.

Kara demon is easier to do from chop, but the better one is from hop kick. If you can plink, then learning to kara throw will be easier to learn. I am still learning the uses for this as well, but I generally never have full meter to do that though. At the most I have 3 meters I either try to reserve for FADC or red focus combos. Daigo, though, uses his 3 meters for cr. MK > EX hadouken > FADC > Ultra 2. A lot of people do not do that at all. I haven’t tested it, but I wonder if it nets more damage than a BnB > red focus > U2. Or maybe that’s just how Daigo rolls LOL.

Unfortunately I can not tell you much about blockstrings, but I do the same you aside from cr. MK > Hadoken.

Thanks AudricVsFood!

IMO, ignore the advice about FADC’ing (for now). The best thing for you to do is build a solid base of fundamentals, after that you can figure out FADC’ing and extensive combos. Some of your movements were random, such as throwing out point-blank tatsus. Here’s a VERY condensed version of how to play E. Ryu based on where your position is on the screen. Again, its very rough but also very simple. At least for now.

Full screen:
-Throw fireballs to build meter, alternate between normal and red based on the matchup

-Use focus attack to punish pokes with long active frames
-Get used to cr. mk xx hadoken as your main blockstring and footsie tool
-For punish situations, use cr. mk xx mk axe kick - cr. jab xx lk tatsu - SRK. Its easy to do and you can expand from it.

-Use cr. short and cr. jab to hit-confirm into either axe kick or tatsu

Basically, keep it simple. Many SF4 players are impatient and decide to go straight for the flashy combos. They end up having zero fundamentals but can somehow pull 30-hit combos out of their assholes. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Did you mean counter hit,, cr.mkxhcf.lkxfadc, cl.hp/cr.hp/ Because only works on counter hit, but from long ranges is a punish option, so I’m not sure which variation of cancels you meant.

I have another recent match that I’ll upload soon, and I’d like someone to analyze that when I upload it.

First off, random movements: This is supposedly a bad habit from online play, from what I can tell. Apparently, some of these random movements win me matches, like neutral jumping after a knockdown (if that is indeed “random”.)

Focus attacks: I now use it often. Maybe too often, but it’s my ticket to a free combo or ultra, and also gives me breathing room.

cr. mk > fireball: Are there any other tools I can use? I’d expect people will focus if they read correctly… What is the frame (dis)advantage of hopkick xx non-ex tatsu, and is it suitable as a regular poking tool, or just as a counter poke that beats out low pokes?

Punishes: Since I can only hit the BnB combo when I feel lucky (for now), I just do a simple cl. HP > LK Tatsu > HP SRK/reset. Gives me the damage I need without risking too much, since I can hit that combo almost all the time w/o lag. With lag, it’s another story. The and axe kick on the combo you suggested don’t connect, but lk axe kick does.

All in all, I’ve improved a bit, if not by a big margin from that last video. Thanks to those who bothered to help a newbie. I’m still getting bodied really hard, but at least I’m winning quite a few matches…

-cr.MK > MK Axe Kick doesn’t combo unless it’s on counter hit, which means it’s not a punish tool.
-cr.short and jab don’t combo into Axe Kick. For beginner hit confirms, it’d be better to link cr.LP > cr.MP then cancel into either LK Tatsu > HP DP (if opponent is standing), HP DP (if opponent is crouching), or Fireball (because it’s easier).

Well, it would be good point to build your fundamentals. I know I need to LOL. Learn to react to anti-air opportunities, spacing, knowing good buttons for footsies and pokes, and what to do in different parts of the screen. Anti-airs are really important because a lot of beginners do rely on getting in by jumping in. Frustrating your opponent breaks down their mentality. Solid fundamentals as a foundation is a great start. Building on it from that with combos and mix-ups are something that comes in time with practice and applying it in a match.

And I say this not only as a suggestion but as a reminder to myself. I watch matches of myself losing all the time and can not stress building great fundamentals. I lose a lot because I lose track of my fundamentals during a match. But losses are a great tool to learn from.

Also, jumping after a knockdown is good time to time. Try to keep yourself unpredictable.

Focusing is risky depending on what the opponent play style is like. I really recommend it as a get away unless you know it can beat out what they want to do i.e. sweep, advancing past fireballs to get in at a safe distance, etc. just keep playing around with it. E. Ryu has low health so going for focus is risky on it’s own.

Punishes depend on the situation. Cr. MK > Hadoken is a staple, but there are others. Like crouch MP > LK Tatsu or counter hit standing MK > cr. LP or MP > whatevers (there’s a video on standing MK counter hit combos). Spacing is very important for this as well. One of my friends play Vega and I bait out scarlet terror. When they whiff scarlet terror, I go in to do cr. MP > LK tatsu > SRK since if I were to do it from the spacing to make him whiff, it would not connect all the way.

I feel frame traps are useful in this subject, but build your fundamentals first.

Watching matches of yourself can bring you to realize what you are & are not doing correct. Ever look in the mirror & see something you personally maybe didn’t like about yourself? That’s what watching your own loss gameplay does for you. You can see the glaring issues that lie within your own personal play. It pisses me off personally but that’s what it’s supposed to do, it’s how you access the problems & note what to improve on. Whether it be fundamentals or AA’s, the list can never be empty on what you can find from watching your own losses.

It’s helped my fundamentals a big part I feel as well as other areas of my game.

What would be recommended for me? I used to play akuma casually, and right when I started training to prepare for tournaments they nerf the hell out of him. Evil ryu and secondary will be yun. I have a lot of work to do.

Anyways, I have an ok sense of the cr. Mk fireball. What should I know extensively first before moving on? Thanks