New to custom stick creation and I need to know where to buy a base for my stick

Hey guys…have just found this fine-looking forum on a random trawl through the net looking for info on custom fighting stick creation. Could anyone point me in the direction of a place i can buy a base for making my arcade stick? I mean like the base of the stick(case thingy with all the button and stick holes cut out already) It would just save me a lot of time if I could get one that is already done. I`m probably not using the proper names for these things but I am only just starting out on my journey into this so any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

i think this should help

Thanks. This gives a brilliant overview of the process and everything involved in creation but was wondering if i could cut a corner by actually buying a pre-built “Controller box”(as the guy on slagcoin puts it) so that i would just have to do the wiring and assembly but the box would already be built. I saw some on Ebay only a few days ago for a decent price but sadly they have since dissapeared…should have put a watch on em there and then. I might just try my hand at making one if i can`t find a pre-made one.
Thanks again

Check out the Trading Post… there’s a ton of people who will do Blank Boxes.

Look for some empty cases in the Trading Outlet very soon. :wink:

**Edit…what type of stick are you going to be using? The cases I will be selling are 1 1/2" height, so Happ is out.