New to boards and quik ?greed b4 need?

How many of u lose the round after u win because u just really really want to land that super to ultra or wall jump kick of any sort to leg ultra just for the pure " classy" factor cause i think of the matches i do lose its about 50% based on this am i the only " greedy" gen or is it common.

sometimes i do that but mostly i just try to do what works although i catch my seft wanting to do a mk-hands cancel and i usually get punished because im not good yet. Now i just do what works and i get the job done.

I usually use whatever the situation calls for and just win, because most things Gen can do are fancy anyways.

The other day I got greedy finnishing of Akuma, get cought up in the ultra and lost the game. I rage my ps3 pad into my other couch, it bounces back and gashes my forehead.

lol, yeah, that always sucks. Just leaves you even more mad than before, only you don’t want to throw anything else for fear of bodily injury.

But I totally agree with OP here, I know that there’s nothing more I like to see than that sexy ultra combo finish. The ultra was the first thing that drew me in towards Gen. Eventually though, the real world sunk in, and I’ve found that it’s used best as a punishment. I’d love to bust it out to end the match, but then I just end up getting sloppy and making mistakes, trying to find a window for the ultra. In the long run, it’s just not worth it IMO.

(I’m assuming you are talking about his mantis ultra, by the way)