New to arcade stick

Not sure if this has been already posted but I recently got an Arcade Stick and I am having trouble using it. I used a regular xbox 360 controller for all of Vanilla and for the first 2 months of Ultimate. I wasnt god like but I was decent with the pad but since I have gotten the stick I have noticed that my playing has suffered. The problem I have is doing the dragon punch motion. Anyone have tips for a newbie with an arcade stick?

Aside from practice, not really. That’s really all there is to it: practice. I was in your same situation, only worse; I’ve been playing MvC2 for like 8 years before I was forced to switch to a stick just so that I can participate in the FGC MvC2 here in my place since it’s basically an arcade scene. It took me maybe 2 months before I was stable with a stick.

Choose a grip that you like. Find something you like that allows you to move the stick easily in all directions, and try holding it like that all the time.

Keep practicing. I’m in the same boat as you actually. Played pad all of vanilla, and first 2 months of umvc3 played pad as well. Now I got a stick, and I’m also having trouble with the DP motion, but all you can really do is practice. Strangely enough, I can do RDPs perfectly whenever I want, but i keep messing up forward DPs alot, but when I first started the game DPs in general really messed me up, but I just kept practicing and playing until I got them down.


I believe it applies for UMvC3 as well.

basically it is

Down forward, Down, Down back, Down, Down forward (in other words put the stick down in the corner, slide to the other side and come back to the corner where you started)

I too am new to stick. What helped me was to think of it as foward+ haduken motion. what this means is pushing the stick foward, letting it return to center position then doing a haduken motion. I havent tried what is mentioned in the video above yet, but it looks promising.

Shortcuts only work for Sf4 don’t hit the forward motion again though otherwise it will just be qcf

This will fuck up your dhcs though

For the love of fighting games it’s forward, down, downforward. You can jam it into the corner if that helps, but continuing on to forward after the downforward may hinder your progress at a later date, so keep that in mind if you’re doing forward+hadoken right now.

I actually STILL find it hard to stop the stick at a diagonal direction after a sliding motion. It just doesn’t feel right, you get what I mean? I’m trying my best to do it though, in the hopes of me breaking that habit.

Though my actual problem is not executing the DP, but rather that I end up putting a 9/7 somewhere in my DP/RDP motions in that when I want my RR to use Bear Trap I get a TK’d Air Spitfire instead :confused:

It takes alot of time. I bought my first stick in March and i still suck with it.

Make sure that your wrist is always positioned on the stick, and not above it.
The first mistake that new users make, is that they often lose their sense of axis.
At times you moved the stick and when you think you’re pressing right, you’re pressing down/forward.

Im pretty sure thats the reason why you cant perform uppercuts.
You’re most likely not locating the inputs correctly.
Its Forward, Down, Down/Forward.
You need to locate them in the axis of the stick.
It might be easier from you because you come from pad, for people who come from an arcade cabinet is especially hard cause they can get used to having the cabinet hold the stick steady, therefore, they could perform motions using half their arm, while that is a lot harder on a personal control.

If your wrist is always positioned on the stick, you get a way better sense of direction.

I switched from pad to stick as well, and I had that problem with DP’s as well. First off, try and make sure you end with :df:, not :f:. Ending with forward works sometimes but is generally inconsistent, especially with DHCs. Second, do what feels comfortable to you. To get a quick DP, I nearly make a half-circle-back sweeping motion before I move forward again, so my inputs look like this: :f::df::d::db::d::df:. Now, this may pose a problem in games like SSF4, where this would count as a half-circle-back, but it works perfectly fine in Marvel and allows me to flick my wrist (basically) and achieve a DP.

thanks for the advice everyone

Be patient.

Do NOT under any circumstance switch back to pad or your execution will suffer.

Take your time and practice. Go to training mode and do DP motions until your sick of it.

You have to “find” the positions on the stick if you will.

Just practice. It’ll be child’s play in no time.

Personally for DP motions I always just do forward + qcf. Works everytime.

Also. Slow down.

how will foward + haduken mess up my dhcs? I havent had a problem with that so far.

BTW, the advice about new stick players getting their axis confused was very true and very helpful. I wrote in the directions on my stick so i can orient myself before each time i play and it made a big difference!

i use a different grip for when im on a different side of the screen.
if you have a joystick that makes clicky noises, just go real slow in training mode trying to get it to show forward, down, downforward - listening to the clicks as cues. just do that over and over until you understand what the basic motion is like. then just speed it up over time.

just like anything, practice makes perfect