New Theory On SJW's

Hilarious video enjoyed it a lot.

This Paul Watson guy is pretty awesome and on point.

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Whenever i see “parry” in a username, i think of @ParryPerson.

PJW’s only problem is he’s partnered with Alex Jones.

oh boy i wonder if this guy will something intelligent to say…

nope just another petty shit talker who is racking up views by saying whatever he wants people to hear, big surprise. did this really needs its own thread just to shamefully admit you listen to this dumbass?

What’s wrong with AJ. He’s awesome, he’s hilarious, his products rule.

Sounds like you’re triggered.

Btw I don’t listen to him. This video came across my feed.

That name sucks and I always hated people getting us confused back in the day. No offense to the person himself obviously just not a fan of the name, very uninspired.

Got any refutations for Paul’s content, or just the same old anal pain from hearing something you don’t like?

The man is not infallible, it’s up to you to provide counter arguments.

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Why all these anti-PC youtubers seem like they love to hear themselves ramble? I ain’t taking sides in this whole debate but seriously some of these people are irritating as all hell. Case in point this Brit fuck.

Being to the point isn’t as effective. If there’s a lesson to be learned from the influence of the PC crowd, it’s that repetition is necessary to get your message across.

People are dumb, and must be influenced by saturation.

Over half of this forum is SJW in some way shape or form.

There is no “taking a side”. Political correctness is low level mind control. It’s a sick mental disorder. It’s insanity.

I’m not exactly like a huge Trump supporter but all I can say is thank God there’s a backlash to political correctness. He’s sort of a manifestation of it.

I’m just sick of the whole PC and SJW thing, I’m trying to find the root cause. I think its on neogaf. I think it started there I really do. I wanna be the one that kills that dragon. So show yourself.

I honestly don’t know which side is more irritating. This Brit guy is just as annoying tbh.

I don’t see how there are “sides” here. Like, what?

Joesph Watson is trying to explain a group mental disorder.

Why are you so judgemental? Paul is a cool guy. I mean lets see your superstar personality and looks Akipot. I’m sure your quiet, slurred jellyfish delivery would turn heads. Away from the screen.

Such typical bullshit. Can’t talk about what the guy says, just attack his character. Uhhhhh he’s annoying uhhhh he’s British. He has half a million subscribers on YouTube, bigger than this entire board combined.

YOURE RACIST AGAINST BRITISH PEOPLE WITH CONFIDENCE OMFG BURN HIM - ATW (anti-Social totalitarian weirdos, what SJWs actually are).

In the closet like Akipot or out of the closet?


Holy shit bro, is this guy you? Quit crying like a bitch because your hopes of people fellating this guy fell apart. He sounds just as annoying as the fat chick in the clip.

I remember you, now. You’re the same lifescrub that was crying over R Mikas censorship in the SFV forums. I’m SJW now cuz I think the guy is annoying? Ohhhh man, he has so many subscribers, time to blow him! Fuck outta here with your beta tearfest.

Here since you’re triggered by a confident male being confident, here’s Paul being super chill and still owning you:

Oh yeah you got me pegged dude I’m a “lifescrub” whatever that is who condemned censorship. I’m also insert bullshit term here and this and that. I REMEMBER YOU cool I made an impression. I don’t remember you, you are just another jellyfish in the sea from my perspective.

That and he is racist as fuck but he is championing the poor white man’s cause so I guess he gets a pass.

I’m white. Not our fault that the dindus actually do bad things.

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Oh come off it. He is not racist. For Christ sake.

“Everything’s racist, everyones racist”. No. You’re mentally ill if you think that. Or you live in the deep Deep South 50 miles from the nearest Walmart.

“Everyone’s a mysogonist, check your white male Privledge” again, complete mental illness. There is a culture of people who are mysogonist, they rape and they stone women who are showing too much toe. But we’re not supposed to talk about that. The truth is racist lol.

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