New Stuff! (Undocumented...)

Don’t know whether this is new or whether I’m being a retard!

If you do the Air Tatsu Heavy, you can control your trajectory. Try it and hold back. You sorta slow down and stop well well before where you should of!

Anyway. post what you find guys!

EDIT: Scratch that… Me being a retard, and releasing the break point is there…

Let’s all report in for buffs/nerfs, and see if we can notice any changes from before.

Hopefully there’s no stealth nerfs…?

His Ex-Hurricane (grounded) doesn’t get the full vacuum effect and the opponent can punish it on hit while E.Ryu is still twirling…

Can it still be used fine like before, in combos and as a frame trap?

Not completely sure, but it just happened to a Makoto again on counterhit…

That’s always been an issue with that EX tatsu. Depending on the range, some characters will fall out.

Noticed All SRK’s -> FADC -> Heavy axe kick

Connect now, only dabbled with E.Ryu in AE but I think this wasnt possibly before

cool stuff, not exactly hidden, as the hk.axe startup was reduced by just 1 frame. so maybe theres somthin more, like srk shoots opponents higher?

his target combo knockdown is NOT a hard knockdown =( but the counterhit fierce punch knockdown is a hard knockdown, and you can follow up with safe jump setups =). Same thing with his SRK xxx FADC xxx Heavy Axe Kick knockdowns, you can get a safe jump setup or meaty setup after them as well.

his PPP teleport goes farther

in both ways? any increased recovery time?

i think only the forward one

this seems like a bad thing actually…it was only good for avoiding ultra chip damage…now you go longer so thats longer recovery to then recover from the port itself, then the long startup of your 7 frame sweep or low mid…

amirite guys?

i thought they made his sweep better like akuma’s

Probably not a nerf on Evil Ryu’s part and more of a “thing” with Guile, however, I notice that many (if not all) deep jumping and crossover attacks, against a crouching Guile, seem to pass through him. It’s as if you have to hit him way low with your jump attack in order for it to connect. Other than that, IMO, Evil Ryu’s walking speed feels faster.

Nope, it was changed 6 frames in the beta but then they upped it to 7 to again and increased the damage by 10. Idk if it recovers faster but I hear its -11 on block. As far as testing goes if it was 6 frame it would be obvious. :stuck_out_tongue:

Doing combos n shit on Guile never seems to work on well.

I’m not sure how to even safe jump him.

Personal I have no problems against guiles I think they are easy I actually love that matchup. But I don’t think his Lk axe kick is +1 on block

Uhm…I think it’s -4 or -5…I really want to know the frames on hit/block of his axe kicks it’s bugging me. I heard they’re neg 5 but offer alot of pushback so it’s not easy punishable.

Conclusion is: I believe I got hit by Ryu’s xx shinku hadoken done just right. So that pretty much says it’s -5. Which means you could probably get lp.spd’d. Fun.

Here I was hoping for a +1 kara throw opportunity.

Also could we get hitboxes on Eryu’s crouch light, and crouch medium?

It’s +1 on hit and you can fadc it to cont the combo and shotos can punish it on block freely with any dp