New Street Fighter player need tips(video included)

Hey guys, I decided to really try to get good at Street Fighter, but first I want to see if it is worth buying SSFIVAE since I’m practicing on Street fighter Alpha3.


Play on Ps3 and use a ps3 controller.
-Watched EVO last year, got into fighting games, bought SF:Alpha 3, played a little bit, but never really got into it.
-Got SSIV and SFxT for iphone, and was learning combos and such(really helped me understand)

-No practicing on street Fighter Alpha 3 again and seeing some improvement.

Concerns: I want to get good at this game, but I really don’t want to use Ryu/Ken/Shotos becuase all the noobs do, I’d rather play characters like Ibuki, Guy, Balrog, Adon, but I have really poor execution, I don’t know how much I can do on my controller, charge characters don’t really seem that good for me, as I can’t consistently get off charging moves while comboing in the heat of a battle. The motions don’t change much from alpha 3 to SSIV so if I can’t do them now I will struggle if I get the AE.

Looking for some tips on how to improve my game, and use characters such as Adon without worrying about execution. (Ryu,Ken,Akuma,Sakura, shotos etc) Are really all I use, becuase they give me the best chance to win so far, and whether or not I should be looking into getting AE.

I probably won’t get a stick because I don’t need one, Brolylegs convinced me a stick doesn’t make a good player.

With that being said I think all of this is useless without a video so:

TL;DR: [media=youtube]GAWO3L1LHy4[/media]

As we tried to tell you when you posted the same questions last summer, you’re practicing by playing against the computer (bad idea) on a bad port (bad idea) of a dead game (bad idea). If you really want to learn Alpha 3, you’re better off playing on GGPO against real people. Otherwise, get a game that people actually still play (IE, SF4:AE2012, UMvC3, etc).

^^^^ AE for ps3 for $16. SIXTEEN FREAKING DOLLARS. That is your first step to improvement.

As far as how to learn street fighter, theres a ton of posts on how to learn, and a ton of tutorial videos as well. The tools are out there, you just need $16 to start to use them.

I planning on gettin AE, but the moves are still the same for ryu and ken, they haven’t changed, it is the same motion for Fireballs and dragon punches, since it is what I have right now I can still practice combos and stuff. You giys are makin it seem like AE is easier to do moves?

Edit: u still dont see any posts of what I should be practicing.

Don’t take this the wrong way, because I mean it in a helpful way, but literally everything is wrong with your game. EVERYTHING.
You’re mashing, so execution drills would help with that and your shoryuken problem, but on top of that, you are somewhat pessimistic, and have no sense of mind games because you are playing the computer. You have no hit confirms, but that makes perfect sense because you are mashing. Being 100% honest its not impossible for you to become a much better player, but you would need to start from scratch and build a new game from the ground up.

It’s beyond the point of saying if you worked on this one thing it would help you out, because your foundation is jacked. The best advice I can give you is if you really want to do this, don’t build on top of anything you already think you know, throw all of that out and start over.

If you can’t find anyone on GGPO, pm me and we can play some matches. Even though I don’t have that much Alpha 3 experience, I hope that at least it can give you an idea of the fundamentals in Street Fighter.

If u like Fei Long i recommend u using him, pretty easy executions and good for beginners ^^

I’m going to get AE, I’m just using this to practice before I get, since, Ryu/Ken are similar to how the play in AE. For example I can still use Cr.MK->Hadouken like Daigo does. xx hadouken works with every shoto character ever. It’s not a similarity, it’s a gameplay tradition. Getting rid of it would be like taking Stinger or High Time out if a devil may cry game. Or taking warthogs out of halo.

So, what next? I’m literally stuck doing nothing in training mode…

^Do you have SF4? You can do the trial mode first. The first half is stuff you’ll typically use in a real match against other players. Hit youtube to get an idea of the training you can do in training mode, as well.

Don’t have it yet, still do t k iw what ti do in training mode.