New Stick out on the Market

For you stick junkies who need to buy every single stick that comes out (piece of crap or not), I got an email today that this awesome stick is coming out May 15th :lol:


No 360 version :frowning:

This stick has already been linked/shown/seen.

Wow… that stick is…stunning…

you can’t be serious :rofl:

Yeah, we ripped on this yesterday. Where were you guys? :razz:

can I mod this with happ parts?

#6 most viewed Stick for PS3 on Amazon.

That stick is what Daigo uses.

lol man i still want that stick for travel:arazz:

man jokes:rofl:

Hey! I posted this like 2 weeks ago. :rofl:

hahaha i have this fight stick… it first came out for the xbox… hmmmmm 1 out of 10 i give it a 5… not bad but nothing i would pay alot for, mod, or tournament playing…


I’m on a 15 game win streak in G1-A with this. Loving this stick.

already posted old newz moving onnnnnnnnnnnnnn