New Stick Builder Have Stick for Sale

Hello everyone,

I have been building arcade sticks for the past few months now and I have 3 for sale. I’m pretty new to the stick building scene so I’m selling my sticks pretty cheap. Hopefully one day I’ll get to Bydro’s level. So please check them out!


Neng Lee

tight lookin sticks good luck with your custom stick shop man:tup:

You got a Pm for that black one with red buttons.

Needs overhead shot and non zoomed ones. They look pretty good from what I can see though.

Agent X, you can Pm me at or email me at that same address.

-Neng Lee

Thanks for the suggestion Cryptlord, I will try to include close up shots next time.

-Neng Lee

Email sent

wow nice sticks

email sent

So are you taking custom orders? If so I deffiniatly want to place an order with you.

I’m still pretty new so it would be kind of hard for me to do custom stick. It’s hard enough for me to do simple design, but every stick I make I make it different so keep checking his tread to see more upcoming ones. maybe in the future I can take custom order. when that time comes I’ll let you know.

-Neng Lee

well all i want custom is a GT-0 gate.*

and perhaps a choice of artwork. (2nd item down)

Hey bucklemyshoe,

I got two more stick that i’m working on. If you’re interested, you can order the part that you want and put it in yourself and send the graphic that you want. The box design is already done and the button is sanwa 30mm green and the joystick is JLF-TP-8YT. It will have ps1 pcb. PM me if you are interested.

-Neng Lee