New Stick... 3D modeled, Dim Q's for the pro's

Hello all, first post here from a lurker :slight_smile:

I have done some searching and read a lot of stick making threads and picked up some great practices/ideas. I am hoping to contribute to this effort as I am modeling everything up in 3d software and will have prints for all the parts in my specific stick build.

(a detailed drawing with dim’s of the JLF stick will answer 95% of my questions, I just can’t find one)

Problem is, I have having trouble finding a few dimensions that will be key to my build.

*** Found a mounting plate design… just need the questions about the depth of the stick now.

  1. how far does the bottom of the handle extend from the mounting plate? This will dictate how thick the entire stick must be. I’m trying to make it as thin as possible.

I’ve seen posts reccomending 8-9mm on the sanwa stick from top of play surface to mounting plate… is that to bottom or top of mounting plate?

  1. 30mm button cutout dimensions. (seimitsu) It appears they require a 1.125" hole. These are obviously metric buttons. Does this hole have a bit of slop in it? or should i be looking to slightly undersize it?

Also, for mounting depth to get adequate thread contact… i currently have 3/8" from top of playing surface to back of the wood.

Here is what i have in mind, and I will be making drawings of the plexi/mounting plate, all 4 side panels and standoffs in the back.

I have it set up for 6 buttons top side and 2 above for Start/XBox menu. I will be prepping for 8 buttons but will not cut those holes in the graphic or plexi unless i go that route later.

Thanks all, and I apologize in advance in there was some uber JLF resource that I couldn’t find. At least I will contribute some to-scale PDF’s if people want to copy my design!

page 4 of the sanwa catalog. you can d/l it from in the faq section