New(?) spider-man UP TAC(srry no recording device)

messing with TACs and i ran into this for spidey/ doom:

not exactly sure if this is at all new but after a presumably a non groundbounce combo and an up TAC; air dash into a delayed S(s you fall under the enemy), and time a spider sting/bite so it crosses up in the corner.

now i never seem to be able to get down the L web throw after a L spider sting/bite but you could POSSIBLY squeeze that in for an additional rep. but otherwise i just call doom missiles to assist in the web throw, spider sting loop

if you do utilize a ground bounce in your BNB for the first part of your combo then i doubt you can get in the additional rep… but i didnt test it so enlighten me if you wish

Edit: srry… already found a video of somebody else doing it better eff my lief