New SFV players, need help, The best controller for sfv?

hi, I often use the xbox one controller to play sfv, I’m an amateur player, I want the best controller for me, I can use Ryu, Ken, and Guile, some have suggestions for me

If I’m using Ryu, I’d want to be using either an arcade stick, or a Hitbox.

For Guile and Blanka, I’d want to be using the Hori Fighting Commander Pro. I can use Guile on Hitbox from previous games exceedingly well though.

Try out the pad first, see how you like it as it’s the cheapest cash-wise option.

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If you’re thinking of controller, my recommendation is to play a lot of fighting games or at least the same one for a long time and then decide. Do your research. Go to cabs regularly and test out stick before making the investment. Good luck!