New SFV player, questions

  • isn’t it really hard to get the Shop points? If you want every title/color/thing (besides the actual characters) it’s basically nba reddit impossible to get them all.
  • to follow - are there any special events to get a lot of points?
  • how to get the Capcom Pro Tour stuff? reverse phone lookup
  • what are these fortune tickets? Isn’t it basically just a very, very, very minor discount for the lootboxes? (also, why lootboxes for art? - in my time…)
  • I got the special Cammy costume in 3 tries, are they usually this easy to pull?
  • why every fighter has a track suit costume? a russian meme of sorts?

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Also welcome!

This is not the section of the forums to ask any of these things. General discussion is for everything non-Fighting Game related. Though we do talk about fighters in various threads it’s never the actual subject for a thread. You scrolled past both sections where this appropriate

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