New SF Arcade Stick

This was my first build and I decided to go all out. It is a wireless operation and will have leds behind all buttons,joystick ball, and front bezel. The leds are not installed yet due to me having surgery and not being able to buy my resistors. The stick is fully functional as of right now, just no lights. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think. Total build time 10 hrs logged not accounting down time for parts.

By the way it is very comfortable and dose not slip or slide anywhere. I think that the xase made for a perfect setup and looks nice and is a first from what I have seen.

Holy crap! That’s so pro! I love it man! The buttons look comfortable and the stick does too.

there’s actually a lot of xbox sticks that i’ve seen, but none light up (AFAIK)

I like the arc on your buttons, it seems comfortable and made specifically for Index Middle and Ring fingers

hope your stick doesn’t RROD… I joke, I joke. :rofl:

that looks sick! good job mang! :tup:

Watch out or your stick might get the red ring of death.

edit: someone beat me to it…

this is actually a cool idea!

Love the Windows buttons, man. That’s just awesome. Is the case plastic strong enough? I thought it might be a little thin…

Your Xbox is going to overheat superfast.

Nice idea… I would love to create the same kind of casing for my arcade stick… and make it for PS3\PC arcade stick. :slight_smile:

So what system is it for? :rolleyes:


Anyone gonna make a PS3 (grill) one? lol

That is really nice looking, when you get the leds in you should post a video of them in action.

Applause Applause, nice work there, I too would like to see a video.

nice man those are some funky buttons what are they?

Thanks guys I actully just got out of surgery right now, So im a little still under anethesia and pain killers, But they are happ IL buttons. Yeah I made it extremly for right handed users and is the most comfortable stick I have ever played on even in arcades. I will not be selling this one but will be offering my service to make more custom ones in the near future. All one needs to do is provide parts and pay my service fee =). I was thinking about making a ps3 one with the ps3 chassis If anyone is willing to provide parts I would be intrested in doing it.

Overall I cant wait to get the leds goin I bought some 10,000mcd leds that ran about 3 bucks a piece But they will be freakin bright as day. They are coast lenser LEds which are about the best damn ones out there.

I dont have a vid camera but will try to post a phone camera video when I get it working and will let you guys be the first to see.

BTW I need a Hollow jlf Shaft if anyone can help me out on that. I am willing to pay up to 20$.

O ya and the plastic when put together as a box is plently strong, Even with me removing alot of the skeleton on the upper side. I will take a photo of my modded xbox and the joystick together So you guys can see my whole setup. Thanks anyways, but now its time to rest and take my pain killers. Im about to pass out in pain.

It’d be great if the Xbox still worked, it would be like one of those plug and play Atari controllers. Again, way to go dude. Did you see the one that Sillypuddy made? It looks like the old NES Advantage stick. Pretty coll stuff.

Gosh, this just makes me want to use my gutted display xbox for a stick even more. It has all the ports, bezels, and buttons intact, but theres not actually anything inside.

Nice stick!!
Looking at the stick, though, I couldn’t help but wonder if it would’ve been better to reverse the way the xbox 360 case is facing. That way, the 360 front would be facing outward and ppl could tell that you are playing a 360 on your lap.

nice job… looks like this guys stick