New Ryu shoryu properties... he didn't totally get robbed :)

I don’t know the rules on posting, but I figured this out while playing around:

lp. shoryu can juggle into mp or hp shoryu from aa
lp. shoryu at close range can combo into ex. shoryu

so at least we can build meter with aa jugles while doing damage, lp > hp shoryu does 130 as opposed to 170 for lp shoryu to ex. hado, though

edit: the ex shory only does 60 damage after the lp. shoryu, so it’s probably not worth it unless you’re near a KO or stun

Yes, the 2nd hit of the strong and fierce srk’s can juggle now.

Now, you can do :lk: (or EX) tatsu into :hp: srk in the corner.

Also, the :hp: only have 2 frames on invincibility now, compared to 6 in vanilla. Now, :mp: srk has the most invincibility out of the non-EX srk’s.

you can also shoryuken after an lk tatsu in the corner

I’d really like to know if fierce DP is still 3 frames startup with the first 4 being invincible.

FP dp invincibility was definitely reduced. By how much, I don’t know.

I’m fairly certain that all Ryu dps are still 3 frame startup.

I have noticed, overall, that the MP SRK actually seems better now than in vanilla. Perhaps it is just in my head (wouldn’t surprise me), but not only does the 2 hits offer some protection from focus attacks and attacks with hyper-armor, it now has a juggle property and appears to trade less often.

How many frames of invincibilty does the MP version have in SSFIV? How is that compared to vanilla?

Invincibility for mp has not been determined.

I think there is some potential for it having increased invincibility, given its apparent capabilities. But it might just be the same. In vanilla, it had 4 frames of invincibility.

Only way to find this kind of thing out before the japanese guide is released ($50 well spent there) would be to test it against a meaty hitting attack with tons of active frames and invincibility itself (such as ryu’s EX dp) and record at 60fps. Going through that recording frame by frame would verify how much it has.

MP has about the same invincibility as FP in vanilla. I’m almost positive. I time them the exact same and I don’t get trades. In vanilla, It was harder not to trade with mp dp.

mp dp is now the standard. jab should only be used for early-anti airs for juggles, and fierce only used for combos.

@LB: I agree wholeheartedly.

corner: cr.hp xx lk.tastu, hp.srk works? Man akuma and ryu been trading secrets. we get your low forward you get our combo lol

LOL, I wish Ryu got that Akuma combo. Ryu gets the second hit tagged on for minimal damage, Akuma gets full SRK.

Good info guys!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Ryu’s feirce DP only has 2 frames of invincibility (i.e not protecting the first active frame) while strong has 3-4.

I say this because not once could I get a clean fierce DP AA against Sagat’s jump strong in training mode. If it did still have 4 frames or even 3 it would be possible to AA it cleanly with the correct timing.

Good info. Does anybody have the exact frame data for number of invulnerable frames of startup for SFIV :lp:, :mp:, and :hp: versus SSFIV :lp:,:mp:, and :hp:


good to know as I’ve been testing MP SRk and it work wonders. thank god they didn’t fully killed his srk… atleast we have a reliable AA… also C.HP is really good for crossups and close range jumpins as its really safe for the majority of situations and u can also hit them if they land too close on the ground and u miss the AA, link into combo.

I’m finding him still very solid :slight_smile: still my favourite shoto.

Where did these numbers come from? If they’re right then I was bang on :stuck_out_tongue:

Fierce DP having 2 frames of invincibility means you’re purely using the hitbox ‘shape’ (i.e excellent protrusion out front but poor from above) instead of relying on it’s invulnerability like you are with mp/old hp.

Japanese technical guide.

i’ve been getting stuffed trying to anti-air with shoryuken now.

so before you waited to deep hp srk
now what is the standard proceedure for antiair srk?

deep mp srk?
early ?p srk?