New Ryu Art

Hi everyone,

Here’s a new picture of Ryu i’ve drawn, rather similar in style to my last, but it’s totally different.

Hope you like, tell me what you think guys (and gals).

similar to…


well. there not bad but, the legs feet/hands arms are very undersized. I think the pictures just look very unfinished overall.

The Arms could use some work on, excellent in shading and texture. Overall, Truly great pictures.

not too shabby, i would change the faces on your work a little more, the two are almost exactly alike. also, a single lightsource, or at least a consistent group of them, would make the picture feel more unified. pretty good stuff.

I’m actually quite pleased with the piece. Unfinished? maybe, i may decide to do more work on it if i decide to submit it as fanart in the next Street Fighter competition. I guess i’ll see.

What’s wrong with his face? It is Ryu in both pictures… i guess, maybe (grudgingly). In the first piece, his face is supposed to be half evil and half normal, but the scanner i use is pretty poor. All in all, not bad for 3 and half hours work - i’m still new to this.

Thanks again guys

very nice artwork!

Going for that perspective huh? looks good. i would work on the face some more, but overall good job.

Thank you (again)

Congratulations SFMC on your win

Hopefully next time, i’ll offer somewhat more of a challenge… or maybe not