New RB from KSK

Torrent on that page, they’re finally back on the streets. :tup:

Great, I was really missing KSK’s ranbats.
Very fun ranbat overall.
I was surprised by the single match setting in quarter finals; Y.S.B (who took out K.O in the prelims) vs Nuki was awesome, and I felt bad for Pino who should have won against Issey (props to him for having the nerves to react).
Yamazaki is makes Twelve look a decent character (and he took out Boss in the prelims!!), RX is always very entertaining to watch.

Round 2, match 1 of the finals was some parry madness, great!
Too bad RX missed some opportunities, well I guess sometimes he’s just human.

Can’t wait for the next one!

The US needs an announcer like that… that guy makes RX vs Issay seem like the bottom of the ninth in the world series or some shit ;]

^^ You are right, he just makes the matches even more intense and fun to watch. Am I right in thinking that it’s Thanatos (The Oro player) who was commentating? We try to commenate at English RB’s as well, but we that guy’s enthusiasm really makes you want to play 3s!

Oh and the matches are just amazing. I feel sorry for YSB, he takes out Nuki AND k.o. in the same tournament and still doesn’t win! RX is amazing, not only for his combos and partitions but for the fact that first and foremost, he is a world class match-player. And it was nice to see a Ranbat where a lot of the lower-tier characters did well, even if ultimately run-away Yun wins again.

thanks for the seeding

i’ll definately return the favor. can’t wait to watch this!!!

Man I am so tempted for spoilers but I won’t I tell you won’t spoil shit. I don’t know who wins YSB vs. Nuki.

Anyways good to see RanBat is back my how I’ve missed her.

yea i got this last night shit is dope ysb is beastly anything can happen in one game

Actually…that’s Kokujin doing the MCing. They tell you at the end of the video. You can always tell when Kokujin is MCing because he commentates the game like a Soccer World Cup. :lol:

That’s Kokujin! Top tier Dudley AND commentating skills.

I noticed when watching, that below everyones names where they usually have point totals for that player, they all had the same, which im assuming means no points. Does that mean that this is the start of a new “season” of ranbats?

Hol Horse - where’d you get that info about the prelims? anyway, great vid. i always turn up ksk’s ranbats for the commentary, unlike the ffa ranbats which i always turn the sound off because that announcer is the most annoying dorkiest piece of shit there is.

DAMN crazy seeds. I’m excited.

EDIT: YSB vs. Yamazaki was real good shit, as was RX vs. Issay. 3rd match last round YSB/Yama where YSB just flipped out on him in the corner was too damn good. Body press over and over had me LOLing.

I want this bad, but I can’t download torrents here (school). :sad: Can anyone maybe host this somewhere to download normally, without a torrent? I’ll be your best friend.

Just below the torrent link, there are links to the brackets.

It’s usually Kokujin commentating at these things.
KO’s been on a losing streak lately, lol.

Can someone throw the torrent on yousendit or something? I can’t get it from the website for some reason.

I feel like the little matchgirl left out in the cold. :frowning:

How do you find out that information? That K.O. was eliminated in prelims and stuff like that?

Damn I’d have liked to see those matches as well.

Issay is Top Tier

thanks Hol Horse…I forgot about those links to the .gifs :rolleyes:

Parrysome -

Downloading now, can’t wait. 22 seeds, nice one thanks.