New Ram Made Me Lose Internet

is this even possible? I bought 4 gigs of DDR2 ram, and threw it in my system (replacing the 2 gigs of ram it currently had). Now I can’t connect to the internet, no matter what. This pc I am setting up has no wireless, just wired connection to the internet. It worked fine until the ram went in. Now I can’t get on the internet at all with this computer.

I’ve checked to make sure if it was the cable or not, and tried a bunch of other things as well

Have you tried returning the old RAM/s, since it/they worked? Does your motherboard support your new 4G DDR2s? Can please you name the motherboard & the RAMs, also if you can provide a product thread/s for them.

dunno the ram type, but the ram is working fine. I tried putting the old ram back in, and I still can’t connect to the internet though. I am seriously wondering if my asshole roommate decided to block that computer or its MAC address or something

when I go to the network sharing centre, it looks like this:

would there be any way to check to see if that computer was blocked somehow? It makes no sense why it cant even establish a connection with the router all of a sudden (and yes, I’ve checked the cables, and tried VARIOUS different ideas from various support forums)

even safe mode can’t connect…

last edit…u can delete this thread. My asshole roommate blocked my desktops MAC address to be a dick for me calling him a homeless gimp. So yeah, a few threats of crushing his skull with my afforementioned desktop while my landlord threatened him with eviction, solved that dilemma

Lol, you should google how to spoof a MAC address, next time just connect with the one he uses.

In before closing. So vengeance was the cause in the end huh?