New Quick and Dirty SF3 Video

Watch me try to edit my way out of a paper bag! lol.

Same deal as last time. Goofy Urien combos, Q molesting people (when he’s not getting his ass kicked) and silly tricks thrown in the middle.

It’s really just me learning stuff, or the result of me learning stuff. I learned a LOT while making this vid… go me.

I tried to make it entertaining. I would’ve elaborated more (I could’ve killed Remy, etc) but I’m lazy and impatient. Plus, this one tops out at a whopping 3 minutes and 24 seconds! That’s huge! (in comparison) So I wrapped it up.

Get it here (low quality version: 34.7mb)
2nd link here (same file)

High Quality fullscreen link here (Only 53mb. Much better quality!)
Another link here (118mb O_O. Yes… crazy. I wouldn’t recommend getting this one as it is only marginally better than the other one)

Anyhow, enjoy.

(Part 1 is available here (17.6mb) and part 2 is available here (16.7mb) and they’re also being hosted at You need to register, but you should anyways. It’s a good site.)

Booya, first reply.

I thought it was cool, good job man. The Q Danger! things were pretty funny. I cried for a while about how I didn’t get a shout out, but I got over it… maybe…

Great job my friend!!

Thanks guys…

The “shoutouts” are basically the people whose posts gave me ideas on what stuff to try out. Like, bbq sauce suggested the first song in a thread a while back… so I figured why not. But David… you can… uhh… have one of my kidneys if you ever need it or something? lol

Oh yeah, yet again, I forgot to include the song. It’s “I hope you die” by the Bloodhound Gang. (I think?)

2nd song is a secret. :wink:

That video was the shit! Lol, fucking great! I don’t wanna spoil it but when that second song came on and then Q did his super, I almost died laughing. Too good :tup: This shit should be on CV.

Cool vid.

Chun-Chun air throw break!!! didn’t know about that! Can everyone break her throw in the air? :wow: Good vid yo :tup:

Anyone can. 2nd track is too good

Dope vid, Thanks for the shout out.

The Chun air throw shenanigans were great… So was the Q SA3 bit… Also the music selection was top tier… Especially song 2.

Cant wait to get home and watch it. The net here at work is slow as hell.

lol nice slapping in some freestyle at the end.

The Oro SAII reset airthrow was badass. Good stuff man. Alot of these I haven’t seen before. Which is rare in combovideos these days. Keep it up.

wow man very cool. You should try to find something interesting with Necro cause he’s awesome. That Urien on Hugo combo was definety dope. Great charge partioning, I love standing strong into ex headbutt!

Your vid is toptier just for including eurofreestyle track. (is it joey?)

** aha it is! joey b - died in your arms. :tup:

Fun vid. Second song makes it top tier! :tup:

You are the man!

good shit.

BTW I remember you asking me to make videos on that SFA3 CV thread.

I said I hope its good because I see the same shit everyday. Anyways Look at my sig… thats 1 video. and another video is called “broken silence II”

check them out. anyways great video.



Awesome Vid, and great music
2nd track = Cutting Crew - Died in you arms tonight or a remix of that.

I don’t think he wanted people to know what it was until they watched the video. Take it out of your post…out of respect.

And good shit man. I didn’t watch your other videos, but if they were anything like this…they would be worth hitting up.

Ahh!! He cracked the code!

First two videos are hosted at (much props to them! It’s where I get all my VGMusic :slight_smile:

LMFAO, the ending made me smile.