New QanBa Stick Info: FREE SHIPPING TO U.S

Shot an email over to the NY office and got this info:

"Hi Michael,

Thanks for you interest in our QanBa2 Series. Our U.S. selling network is still under development and we have limited quantities on the QanBa2 series sticks. We currently only have QanBa1 series sticks available in our warehouse. We will have more QanBa2 series shipping over to be prepare for the Christmas Sale. It will be available in the middle of December.

QanBa2 is our high end gaming series. The whole stick is built up from high end arcade materials like Sanwa Stick and Buttons. We have built up quite a bit of reputation in Asia.** In order to bring QanBa into the U.S., we set our retail price to be $129.99 ($20 bucks lower than Mad Catz/Hori/Namco). And during the Christmas Sale, we’ll be having a special of $109.99 at (our internet store, still under construction) and $119.99 at We’ll soon be accepting pre-orders at, during pre-order period, all U.S. ground shipping will be FREE.**"