New PS3 XFPS RateUp

Most people here got the XPS to use their Ps2 sticks for their 360 and it lags.
Well apparently the Ps2 port isn’t the only thing that lags, the mouse port supposedly lagged alot too. Which they said they fixed in this new version.
Which means I’m hoping they also fixed the Ps2 port for lag issues on this new XFPS too, so we can a new converter out on the market. Even though it costs 100 dollars. I and most people would probably not buy it since there are a ton of Ps2 converters out for the ps3, just a lack of good reponsive ones. Which wasn’t the case with the 360 as there is no XBOX or other system stick support and you had to get a Hori stick or a custom job. But I guess if it works this time around the ps3, there are gonna be atleast some people that are willing to spend a 100.


Has anyone tested this new XFPS converter out for the 360?

Fixed the mouse port? How about PS2 controller support? The original 360 one I had access to only supported first party PSX pads.

update. how is this converter(xpfs), or should i just cop a 360 stick. fuckin vegas! i need my maryland back. powergamer!!