New Project - Worklog. Dual Player Astro-ish Stick ** Updated 4/4/10 **

Hey Hey all…

Before finishing my Vewlix clone, I have started working on another new project. I realized that I have too many sticks, so I decided to make a 2 player stick that I can project box for any console.

I picked up an astro replica off of ibeatu and used some extra parts I had around here.

Here is the panel as I received it. Seimitsu screw in’s.

I had an old Capcom Overlay lying around and figured i’d put it to use. I was worried it would look out of place on an astro panel, but I actually like how it turned out…

Once I order the sticks and such, i’ll post more.

My goal is to make a box similar to an HSS, it will have a slot for movelists and all.


Fully populated. The JLF’s Came in today… Can’t wait to get some games in on this!!

More to come soon!

Can you build it so that the R.O.B.s are holding it up?

That looks awesome with the R.O.B.s holding it up.

Also, that green bubbletop on that hori wii stick looks like its glowing.

That’d be so boss. :slight_smile:

probably be too much work plus r.o.b. probably goes for alot in todays market

Maybe he’ll do it if we pay him in Bison Dollars.

lol, Bison Dollars may Persuade me!

It’s not a bad idea, but the R.O.B’s are way to flimsy to support it.

I am packing stuff and thought that they would make a great picture holding the panel up…

Started working on the Box Last night. Should be done Friday.

Decided to go MDF and scrapped the Movelist / Plexi Idea.

I want a semi-compact 2 player stick. Just got my 2 MCCthulu boards in and i’m going to start soldering and such this weekend.

good stuff man, love to see the HSS-130 clones.

Just picked up the box and I LOVE it. It will be a bit tight to get my VGA ports in and wired, It won’t be too bad. I will hopefully get this primed this weekend. Enough talk, here’s some photo’s…

The case is MDF except for the front curved piece. He just used a 2x4.

Going to be adding 4 rubber feet to the bottom access panel.

Hopefully more to come soon.

Got some paint on it. Just waiting for a Monoprice order to start Wiring this beast up. Going to be doing the Ol’s Project box. First PB will house a MC Cthulhu. Also going to make some 360 ones.

More to come soon!

Now that i have a good table saw, ive been tempted to make one of these.

this only makes me want to more.

where did you get the capcom overlay? and is it an adhesive one?

I had picked up the Capcom overlay a While back on Ebay. I know Mame Marquee’s sells them, but the overlay is HUGE. I think it’s like 60$ on there site. Just check ebay or you can get an astro overlay for 20 from them.

Updated 4/4/10

Started wiring up my DB25 adapters. This is the FIRST thing I have ever soldered. but i’m pretty happy with it.

This is one of the MC Cthulu boars soldered by a buddy of mine.

Here is the project box in progress, Got the Keystone wired up, but I still need to dremel a spot for it on the PB.

Once my RJ45 tool shows up, i’ll be able to wire up some console cords to this beast and get to playing…

Overlay looks great, keep up the good work!