New Power Instinct anyone?

(a.k.a. Matrimelee, Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku: Bonnou Kaihou)

I haven’t played any games from this series since the original Power Instinct. Anyone know anything about this new one which is coming out for the PS2? In any case, at least it’s another 2-D fighter, so I’m not complaining!

Oh this is a great game based off the Matrimelee system (which is based off the KOF…)

Come here to discuss it…

you’d get better info…

Matrimelee is a helluva better than the first PI…

It’s out now, you can order it from play-asia.

Does this game have a big following in japan? I don’t remeber ever seeing any vids of it.

Theres not too many people that play it at the time…

The following isnt huge…but the game is great believe me!!!

This game is basically an upgrade from PIM with some extra characters…

I love this game, its pretty much the same as the Neo Geo version but has a 2 returning characters and as far as I know 1 new one. it has new hi rez portraits and some new effects for moves. Its such a good game, very funny with the best music of any fighting game.

In what way is Matrimelee’s system based on KOF?

All of the Gouketsuji Ichizoku / Power Instinct characters from Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku ~Matrimelee~ are returning in the PS2 port/upgrade, Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku ~Bon’nou Kaihou~. So far, there is no indication that the 4 bonus Rage of the Dragons characters present in Matrimelee will make a return in Bon’nou Kaihou – a good thing, IMO, since the RotD characters had nothing to do with Matrimelee or its storyline, or with the Gouketsuji series in general. The biggest addition to the PS2 version is the return of transformations, which were present in earlier installments of the series, but were left out of Matrimelee. Several characters can temporarily transform into an alternate version of themselves (Kurara > Super Kurara, Oume > Super Oume, Otane > Super Otane, Kanji > Super Kanji, Kintaro > Poochy). Matrimelee’s cast included all the characters from the original Gouketsuji Ichizoku / Power Instinct, except for Angela Belti, the muscular Italian woman with a whip. She has been added to Bon’nou Kaihou, along with a guest character, Bobby Ologun (see the 3rd paragraph from the bottom of this post for info on Bobby).

And here’s a cut’n’paste of my usual “for those who don’t know the Gouketsuji Ichizoku / Power Instinct series” post:

Matrimelee was the latest installment in the Gouketsuji Ichizoku [The Gouketsuji Clan] fighting game series (known as “Power Instinct” in the U.S.). Matrimelee was produced for the NEO-GEO by Noise Factory, who licensed the series and the characters from Atlus (the series’ creator, and producer of the previous installments).

Gouketsuji Ichizoku…Power Instinct
Arcade = JAMMA
Console = Super Famicom / SNES, MegaDrive / Genesis

Gouketsuji Ichizoku 2…Power Instinct 2
Arcade = JAMMA

Gouketsuji Gaiden ~Saikyou Densetsu~…Power Instinct Legends
Arcade = JAMMA

Gouketsuji Ichizoku 2 ~Chotto dake saikyou densetsu~…(n/a)
Console = PlayStation (JPN only)

Arcade = Sega ST-V
Console = Saturn (JPN only)
(sometimes referred to as “Gouketsuji Ichizoku 3,” since that phrase is sometimes included in certain presentations of the game’s logo)

Princess Kurara Daisakusen (aka, Purikura Daisakusen)…(n/a)
Arcade = Sega ST-V
Console = Saturn (JPN only)

Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku ~Matrimelee~…Matrimelee
Arcade = NEO-GEO MVS
Console = NEO-GEO AES

Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku ~Bon’nou Kaihou~
Console = PlayStation 2 (JPN only???)

The tournaments represented by the first few games in the series is a tradition of the ludicrously-wealthy (and ludicrously-prolific) Gouketsuji clan, the winner of the tournament being named the new clan leader (until the next tournament).

GROOVE ON FIGHT is set about 20 years after the stories found in GI, GI2, & GGSD. A number of the GOF characters are the offspring of some of the cast members of the first 3 installments.

Princess Kurara Daisakusen was a vividly-colorful, infectiously-cute isometric platformer that is linked to the Gouketsuji series via its title character, Hananokouji Kurara – the magical-girl character who first appeared in GI2 (misspelled as “Clara” in Noise Factory’s “Matrimelee”). The 2 other playable characters were Kirara and Grey, an overly handsome man who spent most of his time as a 7’ tall overstuffed cat creature. Produced by Atlus, the shortened version of the title (Purikura Daisakusen) was a reference to Atlus’ popular line of sticker machines, called “Print Club” – or “purikura” for short.

Matrimelee utilized a few characters from GI2, and the entire cast of GI (with the exception of Angela Belti), plus a few new characters. The Matrimelee story appears to take place around (or slightly after) the time period of the first 3 installments.

Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku ~Bon’nou Kaihou~ goes on sale in Japan on 5/25/2006 (delayed from its original release date of 2/23/2006) and is a KDDI-online-capable PS2 upgrade/port of Matrimelee. In addition to bringing back Angela Belti (the only GI cast member left out of Matrimelee), Bon’nou Kaihou will also see the return of the transformation gimmick from GI and GI2 (some of the characters in these earlier installments had a second form they could switch to during a fight), which was absent from Matrimelee. Click on Kurara, Oume, Otane, Kanji, and Kintaro (Pochi’s “base form” in GI2) on this page to see illustrations of the 2 forms each of these characters possess. This game will also feature a bonus character based on Bobby Ologun, who has been tapped as celebrity rep for the game (he appeared as part of the game’s announcement at the Tokyo Game Show). Here’s some background info for those not familiar with Bobby, as well as his official blog (with more photos of his TGS appearance), and the unofficial blog site.

~Chotto dake saikyou densetsu~ (the Japanese PS port) is something of a hybridization of GI2 and GGSD, with a few extras thrown in. The only problem I ever had with the PS port was the mandatory pause-&-load whenever one of the characters with a transformation ability switched from their one of their forms to another (not unlike the pause-&-load on console ports of MKII & MKIII (iirc) whenever Shang Tsung morphed into another character).

If you are able to obtain the Japanese Saturn release of GROOVE ON FIGHT, a Saturn (Japanese or modded U.S.) console, a Saturn multitap and 4 Saturn pads, I highly recommend the purchase: GROOVE ON FIGHT is a fun game in 2-player mode, but the 4-player mode is an absolute blast.

Gouketsuji Ichizoku
Gouketsuji Ichizoku 2
Gouketsuji Gaiden ~Saikyou Densetsu~
Gouketsuji Ichizoku 2 ~Chotto dake saikyou densetsu~
Princess Kurara Daisakusen
Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku ~Matrimelee~
Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku ~Bon’nou Kaihou~


Power Instinct came before KOF. I second this: it’s a great game that I honestly think as far as snk games go- is the best one post-Garou…

That’s cool to see that it’s not just a straight up port of the AES game. Either way though, I’ll get it.

I remember when I actually owned a Power Instinct Cabinet I got for $300. So sad when I had to toss it into the dump, and watch it get bulldozed : (

I love Matrimelee

How come Ive just heard of this game on Ps2 right now.

If its out already, does it work on HDloader, since I don’t have a swap magic.

I remember playing SF2 everyday. Than one day the arcade replaced it with power instinct 1.

I only played as the indian and I thought he had some cool moves.

I never knew this series went up to 3.

Hopefully my copy will be here within a week or 2. I don’t know much about Matrimelee so this will be my first time playing this series.

Yeah it works with HDL.

This game is really fun, still trying to work out the juggle system though. The lauchers are good but seem hard to combo into. Anyone have any match/combo vids to get me started?

is this the button layout…

A. weak punch, B. weak kick C.strong punch D. strong kick ?

Anyone who’s played the PS2 version, what’s the deal with the cards? EDIT: played a bit more. You get given points during arcade and mission mode and you can spend them on cards. Some give you characters like princess sissy and that announcer guy. Others can be used during fights to, for example, give you a little bit of energy back. Not sure if this has always been a feature or if it’s new to the ps2 version.

Yeah for some reason I was told PIM came after KOF…

my bad…

To my knowledge the whole card deal is new to the PS2 version. The NeoGeo version had a code to get sissy.

Yep sure does and Princess Sissy is a very good keep away character…

I have searched pretty hard and long for tiers on PIM but havent found any…:sad:

sissy has the single most abusable move I’ve seen for a ling time. Insane range completly invinceable on start up, can be combo’d into… so annoying. I think she should stay as a boss character.

I’ve been reading about the rage of the dragons characters being availible in the previous versions (via a code). Can’t wait to try them out in this… actually they might already be playable, i’ve never played rage of the dragons, lol. EDIT: you might be able to purchase them with the cards but they’re not available straight away. Did ROTD ever get released on anything other than the neo?

Nope it didnt…the ROTD characters aint all that actually…you got Billy/ who is a shoto clone…Jones…hes not bad…hes a black Bruce Lee like guy with an afro like the guy in Enter the Dragon…Lynn is a Chinese girl fighter but not as good as Chun lol…Elias is the better choice than Alice…bc if Alice was in the game they would have to tone her down…shes is soooo good in ROTD.

Im glad people are starting to realize this boss that is Sissy…hahaha…insane priority is right…keep away like a mother fucker…

She should stay a boss…if they make her playable and tone her down I’M USING HER HAHAHA.

oo, this looks like something ima gonna have to get

im glad i know about this now

One of the missions asks you to get a draw game!? it’s so much harder than it sounds. Also I still haven’t found the ROTD characters.

can someone let me know if that button layout (the one in an earlier post) is correct?