New player needing help getting a handle on the game

ive just started to get into street fighter but im struggling to get a handle on it. im just playing ryu at the moment. can someone tell me all the moves he has and how to do them?

ive been looking at this

i dont fully understand it.

ive also been watching:

but hes explaining on a fight stick, i only have a controller right now

just need a simple breakdown of all ryu moves and what buttons etc i need to execute them.

also dont understand trigger/v power/super etc

some help would be appreciated. thanks


Have you explored the Ryu sub-forum? There should be an archive of useful posts covering all aspects of the character there for you.

Welcome to SRK. :heart:

thank you.

this combo thread for example

i dont understand what all those acronyms and abbreviations mean

another simple question, what is the stick movement thats in a zig zag?

just pick Cammy, a better Ryu

The zigzag motion is a DP motion. I get it most easily just by pressing forward and then quarter circle forward immediately after.
For combo notations:
cr. = crouching
st. = standing
j. = jumping
f. = forward
b. = back
lp = light punch (square on a PS4 controller)
lk = light kick (x)
mp = medium punch (triangle)
mk = medium kick (circle)
hp = heavy punch (R1)
hk = heavy kick (R2)
VT = V trigger (R1 + R2)
VTC = V trigger cancel

When two moves are separated by a comma, it means they’re being linked. You have to wait for the animation of the first move to end and then press the next one, so a bit of timing is required. When the moves are seperated by xx, it’s a cancel, so you can do the second move immediately after the first with less strict timing.

Look up on frabisaur on youtube. he has a whole tutorial series on getting better.