NEW OTHER GAME RULES aka I will ban you : Talk with your MOD

  1. No more threads posting up help for one character in whatever game no exceptions

ie KOF98 Ralph Help <— I will close it and hand out infractions to the poster and all who post in it as I will consider it a spam thread

I would prefer people make threads for the games themselves and then breakdown the particulars for which they want within said game

  1. No more petty bs in threads looks at XSF Just going to close those threads from now on because apparently some people are to sensitive and like to pm me about petty shit

  2. No linking to videos that are on dvds for sale(evo sbo coop cup random kof tourney dvds)

  3. No avatar requests

  4. No video requests

  5. thread Necromancy (I really fucking hate this one) if the last time someone posted in the thread was last year you might be better off with a new thread

Check back every now and then as I will update this

“1. No more threads posting up help for one character in whatever game no exceptions”

thats really harsh walter.

bacardi answer

being the smallest forum, I try to keep it as organized as possible but if there is lets say a KOF2k2 thread, I am tired of seeing K’ 2k2 strats & help*

there is more than kof98 thread on the forums

Is it just me or do those two kinda contradict each other? If there is an existing thread for a particular fighter, old and abandoned for all extensive purposes. And I want help for a character in that game… what do I do? I’m not allowed to ressurect the thread, yet I can’t post because I’m asking about a single character in the game.

bacardi answer

Make a new thread for the game

I second a lot of this…search for the threads ahead of time before making a new one…

Hes saying post up in the thread asking for help instead of making a thread for ONE character…

Also there are other threads in FGD that may solve the problem as well I think to help answer things.

For some stuff that makes sense, but as a whole this is wack. If I have a question about a character, it makes no sense to get that shit bogged down by other information that’s not relevant. Something like Jojo’s one thread makes sense. Alpha 3 one thread for the game is insane. Putting all that info in one thread completely negates the usefulness of the search function.

Iif we post a duplicate thread (which is against forum rules across the board), we get an infraction. If we post in an old thread, we get an infraction. Why post at all then? Also, it doesn’t make sense to start a new thread (if what you’re posting is really relevant, otherwise don’t post it all) because then you have more than 1 thread for the same thing (which is what your first rule was trying to avoid) and you lose the information already posted in the first thread because it will eventually fall off the boards.

All the other rules are much needed.

Yeah, I don’t understand what the problem is with necromancy. Especially if the old thread has a lot of valuable information and you need something clarified.

I’ve seen people get infractions for bumping old threads rather than starting new ones and I’ve seen people get infractions for starting a new thread rather than bumping up some 6 month old one.
SRK mods in general need to be more clear and uniform about their rules.

Most problems with thread necromancy is that people just bump the fucking thread and dont add nothing

lol you keep your rules thread open for comment

So who issues out infractions anyway because I got a red bar for no reason what so ever. So you are saying talk about the game but just not something specific of the game character wise that may result into a FAQ?

“Intents and purposes.”

Anyway, is it ok to start a Soul Calibur 4 thread? it seems “other games” is all 2D fighters. I don’t want to get in trouble for starting a 3D game thread in here.

If I posted up a video from EVO that’s NOT on the DVD, is that OK?

is a TvC forum going to be created or is it best to just start a thread here?

ehhhh… if Bacardi is not around, just PM me guys. I’ll eventually get to it.

So if I have a question that only regards with one character I can’t ask that?

Never really understand this one. No problem following the rules but there are so many instances where I have searched for something online that could still be relevant if answered now even if the last post was ages ago. Just because the original conversation ended doesn’t mean it’s not helpful to others.

Anyways no big deal just my own experience :slight_smile:

@GearType‌ before the forum upgrade thread Necromancy was an issue as the forums were a lot more active.

If i had a question about a character in MOTW … how can i ask about it without breaking rule 1 and 6 ??

@ryushen‌ why not just start a Garou thread? Get some players going ?

Is it okay to make a “Hyper Street Fighter II” thread? I am asking this because I like that game and it contains the most variants of the various characters. 65 variants to be precise. Also, I think that Hyper Street Fighter II should be released on steam.