New Orleans Ranbat Resurrection 1.1 9/18/10 SSF4 Singles and Teams + BBCS

After much anticipation after Battle for the South 2, we are proud to present the continuation of the ranbat series started at Play N Trade! We are changing the venue this time around back to Dibbz.

6850 Veterans Blvd.
Metairie, LA 70003
(504) 885-1274

There will be an venue fee of $5 Part of the venue fee goes to Dibbz, and the other part goes to funding for BFTS3.

SSF4 singles is $5
SSF4 3v3 teams is $5 per person (=$15 per team)
BBCS singles is $5

SSF4 will be ran on Xbox 360
BlazBlue will be ran on PS3

Payouts for Singles are
1st 70%
2nd 20%
3rd 10%

Payouts for Teams are
1st 80%
2nd 20%

For 3v3 teams: If you don’t have a team set, just ask us and we will try to get a team together with people who don’t have teammates either.

Rules for Singles SSF4:
Singles will be double elim, two out of three. Loser can change chars. Winner can change their ultra.

Blazblue CS rules: No unlimited characters allowed, no one button moves, beginner mode is banned

Rules for Teams SSF4:
Teams will be single elim. If people ask we will do a coin flip where the winner will determine the other team’s first player that goes up first. No more than one of the same character on a team.

Point system for SSF4 singles is as follows:

1st - 8pts
2nd - 7pts
3rd - 6pts
4th - 5pts
5th - 3pts
7th - 1pt

Tourney will start around 1pm. Please come on time. If you are coming late, please call either me/Vu at (504)701-3142 or call Stone at (504)717-6976 and we will see what we can do.

SSF4 Teams and BBCS will start first at 1pm, then after Teams are done singles will start.

The top 2 players in points will get their venue fee waived for BFTS3.

Current standings in ranbat points:
Jakob: 8
Toi: 7
Irvin: 6
Stone: 5
Vu: 3
Jimmy: 3
Jazz: 1
Mikeboy: 1

Any other questions, please ask in this thread or in person, and I’ll try to explain as clearly as possible. Hope to see you guys there!

lol, just noticed in the address Veterans has an extra “d.” You might want to delete that or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes another RANBAT is about to happen. I hope everyone is back in training mode since
there will be some heavy hitters here. Jakob will be the one to beat. I think Vu and Toi will be able to compete for 1st place now. And Stone will be 4th.

Can’t wait! Come help support the FG scene down here in the south!

Lafayette will be in the house for this ranbat.


Hello me an my friend plan on attending the bbcs tourny and we play on xbox 360 arcade sticks so you know if there will be anyway for us to borrow a stick.

We may be able to get someone to lend their stick for your matches, but we would prefer if you figure out a way to get a stick or borrow from someone you already know. This is to avoid any complications.


I think I may join for the Blazblue tournament. Sounds like fun.

Edit: And if someone could, I would love to use their PS3 stick. I only have a 360 after all.


also I think I have Xenon’s charger

What time will this start? I have to drive from Baton Rouge, and I want to leave early (like 8 AM) to avoid the traffic.

EDIT: Nevermind.

What time will SSF4 singles start?

“SSF4 Teams and BBCS will start first at 1pm, then after Teams are done singles will start.”

I would guess around 3pm. If you might have a problem making it on time. Call me.