New Orleans Ranbat #2 Tourny Results Sf4, Blaze Blue Sunday Aug 2, 2009

Dibbz Internet Cafe Ranbat Tourny #2 Results…

SF4 33 entry
Top 8

  1. Patrick -Vegita-x (Zangief)…I’m coming for you Eric (Smoothviper):cybot:
  2. Jakob -New Orleans (Bison)
  3. Mike -AceKombat- Mississppi (Ryu, Sagat, Bison)
  4. Irvin -KingofKod- Baton Rouge (Boxer)
  5. Stone -Kenmasterx- New Orleans (Gouken, Akuma, Sagat)
  6. Christian -SpanishJap- New Orleans (Ryu)
  7. Chuck -GeneralGanster- New Orleans (Sagat)
  8. Evan- Mississppi- (Zangief)

Blaze Blue
Top 3

  1. Jakob
  2. Stone
  3. Mike

Top 8 for Sf4 were recorded and will be posted up ASAP…
Winner Finals…Vegita-x vs Jakob 3-0
Loser Finals…Jakob vs AceKombat 3-0
Grand Finals…Vegita-x vs Jakob 3-1

The full results will be posted up later in the week…I’m fuckin tired… Stay tune for the next ranbat tourny…

(might as well post it on this thread as well)

Had a great time at the Ranbat today. This is Brian Sy (C. as it was written on the brackets). It was fun playing ya’ll even when I got stomped. I learned a lot for sure. Thanks Stone for the words of advice in my last match, and props to the other Tager player in the tourney. I admit that I stole some of your combos/set-ups mid-tourney :P. Today was just a test run, but now it’s time to crack down and learn the game for real.

Feel free to hit me up online, I got a lot to learn, but i’m always up for same games against good folks.

Good Shit Pat.

That Gief must be deadly.

Thanks for not congratulating me for getting 4th. Fuck you Gene.

Thanks Pat for running this and damn , your Gief be beasting all over the place ( Your on a roll :tup: )… that shit was crazy !

Want to give props and thanks to all the MS players coming over to represent :smiley: !

Good games to everyone ! Looking forward for your next Ranbat Pat :smile: !

Good shit everyone, had fun playing. I shouldn’t have played around a bit in Blazblue, I paid for it. :confused:

Need to practice more in SF4, but I fall asleep while I’m playing it sometimes, lol

“You must defeat down-back to stand a chance”

fuck yeah gief winning a tourney

LOL, my bad Irv, good shit tho.

man we played u in mvc2 this weekend on xbl, we were surprised to see u on there.

thought u were a ps3 guy.

lol really? what screen name were yall on? MvC2 feels goofy as hell right now though.


GG’s to all as usual BG’s to Dibbz’s :lame: 480i beta HDTV’s i rather play online for money than on that trash. Wouldn’t have been a problem if we had an HDMI cable for the ASUS monitor. Oh well i’m buying my own so we’ll be good to go next time. Great turnout for SF4 though.

BlazBlue was run on a good ol 0ms delay CRT (even though that game looks like ass on a CRT.) My day 8 KN13WB is sex all over. Next time everyone who plays needs to enter to add to the pot eh i mean…support the scene!

One more week off to get myself straight then i’m back to SF4 but i’ll try to take it at least half serious this time and i’m going to learn how to play BlazBlue.

From what I’ve heard, you are the only person that is saying that the big screen’s are a problem. Whats really good?

Jakob you play BB on PS3 if so add me to your account as a friend: inforcer23.

We been on that in Laf since T5 DR is finally showing its age.

I wasn’t able to perform a BNB Solar Plexus at all ( Only Solar Plexus to SRK ) and I did around 6 times , and all those 6 times I performed it I got punished badly . I would expect better results from doing that since when I get the chance to play my bro I usually get em right 80 % of the time ( There was a game I had with my bro when I done a BNB Solar Plexus like 35 times in total and messed up only once ) .

Idk if it’s the TV or not , but don’t think it could be pressure being the problem as I’m starting to take the matches with little pressure recently . However my pressure did started coming back when I was at my last few final matches .

It be great if some of the money goes toward a cheap brand 32" lcd screen!

i missed jab,jab,short, headbutt a lot but that was probably just me being a scrub.


Fun tournament

Videos are up. Enjoy.


I also missed some combos in my my matches, but like kingofkod said, it might just be me being terrible. Although I don’t really care for those TVs’ blurry, 4:3 ratio.

There where a few other people that felt it as for the others well they either have the reactions of a 65 year old woman or they’re so use to playing 2 bar matches on xbox live on their 1080i sony plasma it doesn’t bother them. It’s not anybody’s fault except Dibbz really but like i said next time i’ll have it taken care of.

I’ll be on SF4 and BB on both networks soon so i’ll add you. I Played T6 at EVO and i think that’s going to be my main focus when it gets released assuming the netcode isn’t a cut and paste job from DR (ala SCIV).

That link I posted might not work but this one should.