New MvC3 artwork show more characters!

I came buckets.
Also is that Dormamu or Ghost Rider I see to the left of Hulk?

EDIT: DANTE?! Look to the right of Chris, that sword’s helm resembles Dante doesn’t it?!

Mirror for the image-

Below Chris there seems to be some tentacles or something, or is that a pony tail? Hard to tell. Shuma Gorath?

I think that’s the hair and face of Felicia.

No that is Felicia’s hair =P

The big obvious ones are

Chun Li
Captain America

To the left of Hulk it looks like the Super Skrull.


AH, yeah. I see it now. That cat like face. Awesome!

I think I see Gouki in the very back. Sure looks like his hair.

Hmm do you mean in the spanish site I linked? Cuz the only one who has a haircut like Gouki’s is to the left most of Morrigan but notice his neck; Gouki does not wear those, so it is most likely Ghost Rider (or Dormamu).

The guy on the upper left is definitely Super Skrull

Wow! That has to be Super Skrull. o_o

^Yeah, its like the same damn artwork and everything. Its a smart choice, because he has all the Fantastic Four powers, but now they won’t take up four character slots.

the kotaku pics have labeled what they think they’re guesses are.

you guys agree/disagree?

Dante to the left of chris, FTW. Looks like Wesker, possibly? By chris’s forearm.

take up?

As a big F4 fan, I resent that statement, and hope Dante gets nerfed to hell just to make you cry.

Mephisto sounds pretty credible when I look at that shadow, though it would suck that it’s not Ghost Rider =P


I see Super skrull, deadpool, dante, felica, cap is all i see for sure

possible emma frost or jean grey too

Yeah, my mistake. What I thought was Gouki looks more like Mephisto now.

I wonder how Mephisto will play, if that is him that is.

Hey I like F4 too, but I really don’t need Reed and Sue Richards taking up spots from Viewtiful Joe and Wesker.

And those guesses seem to be on the money, but I still have doubts about that being Dante. Look at the sword hilt on that picture and look at the one in my avatar. Thats the same sword he carriers through DMC3/4, and the DMC1 version looks totally different.