New mobile fighting game ''Marvel: Contest Of Champions''

It looks like Injustice lol

You have got to be kidding me.

What the hell?
They ignore the exist fan base of FG players the vs series has already built so they can make another fighting, without the help of this company that’s known for FGs and has made games for Marvel characters since the 90’s.

And it’s on mobile.

After watching it so many times I realized they all share the same right hook, wtf

Seriously most of the characters in that trailer already appear in MVC3. I don’t know how this makes since

Already looks better than MvC3.

The game is based on a comic miniseries with the same name apparently

Aww yeah, I know that when I want to play a fighting game the first thing I do is reach for my phone. -_-

So exactly like the Injustice mobile game, without the actual console fighting game to go with it.

looks like a step up from MvC3 nice

Wow that looks like a piece of shit.

And Magneto will still be top tier.

Mvc3 so good you can win with day 1 tech.

Shout out to Justin Wong.

I think a superhero fighting game shouldn’t revolve about everyone doing punches and kicks, I don’t think Storm would punch people, she would defense solely by using her weather powers…

A shameless, crappy, cashgrab for mobile devices…
With ingame purchases to buy prolly like 95% with real currency… yup welcome to the future, Skynet is already running things and no one even notices :confused:

God damn it I want Juggernaut in UMVC3 :frowning:

This is why we can’t have nice things. Just doing it for the money. The only reason why it’s on mobile. -__________________-

interview about how the game plays

Literally every marvel game from the 90’s>this.

You want xmen? MvC2

You want avengers, dr strange and GOTG? UMvC3

There is no reason for this piece of shit game to exist.