New Mechanics and Mechanics You'd Like to See More

I wanna see what mechanic ideas you guys have and what pre-exsisting mechanics you wanna see more in newer fighting games.

For me, I don’t have any ideas for new ones, but I’d like to see 4 more commonly:

-EWGF. For those that don’t know, this is an enhanced version of Kazuya’s Rising Uppercut that can be performed by pressing the corresponding punch button at the exact same frame that you tap the last directional input at. I’d like to see it as a universal ability in a game; pressing the last directional input and corresponding button at the same frame for a better version. What I like about this is that it rewards high level (I mean non-beginner level by this) execution with useful properties, such as more pushback on block, damage and juggle properties. Whether it is for all special moves of a character or limited to one move per character, either way, it’d certainly be interesting.

-Feint cancelling from Garou. There’s no need for this to be for feints; it can be for taunts. However, I think that the feint/taunt animation should be only cancellable during middle/later frames so that the frame advantage is not huge.

-Taunt stat bonuses. If you don’t have a post-knockdown setup, you opponent is knocked very far away or you have nothing to do from far away, you can still do something fruitful by using taunts.

-Combo Breakers & Counter Breakers. Someone said something similar to this but I don’t recall who (someone who’s working on KI): Combo Breakers and Counter Breakers extend the mind games into the combo.

I’m a big fan of manual cancels, ie., Roman Cancels, Extend Force Cancels, One More Cancels/Bursts, etc. I think FADC is a horrible implementation but at least it tried. I like how it makes combos more freeform. Obviously optimised combos still emerge, but it allows those in game moments that aren’t flowchart to be more interesting.

I’d like to see more mechanics that allow you to do something while being comboed. Never played Melty Blood but the feature that allows you to tap buttons in time to the combo to reduce damage interests me a lot. I like the idea of a mechanic that allows you to change your positioning while being hit so the person combing you has to adapt to an extent.

More customisation like Team and assist choices in Marvel, Arcana selection, boosts in Ougon Musou Kyoku X would be nice. Gems was a nice idea but I really don’t enjoy SFxT enough to play any more to see if I like the gem system itself.

Something minor, but i would like to see more Special Moves out of grabs.

Like Slammasters 2 and Skullgirls’ Peacock lvl3

Thats actually in a lot of games, especially 3D fighters. Its called a just frame input. Hwaorang has it, In SCV Alpha Pat relies on them, etc. It’s not as common in 2D games except for some things like 1 frame link combos, which don’t get you new move properties but take the same skill.

I wanna see more airdash games that are not heavily influenced by anime/manga art styles. Not that it ever stopped me from playing a game though lol

I don’t quite understand what you mean.

I know it’s called just frame input. But I didn’t name it so because I thought it was limited to Kazuya’s EWGF.

You grab someone, and you do a input. Instead of doing a regular grab, you do a special/super/whatever

sarif’s EWGF is a specific example of a just frame, though.

Power rangers tournament fighter meter system. While not flawless it was interesting way of building meter and getting ex moves. while it did turn the game into a race to build meter.

Garou MOTW T.O.P system
T.O.P in shiort is tamed version of X-Factor with out free cancel features. It activated base on where you put the Top gauge on life bar.

Alternate gaurd
ironically as well known as it is. Its not really implement often in many games.

breaker revenge damage scale system.

  1. Recoverable Health

Reason: IRL fights, if you get the momentum you can quickly finish the fight with multiple consecutive blows. However even after taking some heavy shots, even feeling a bit woozy, if you play smart defense you can recover somewhat. Vampire Savior with its red (perma) and white (rec) implemented this well. This makes momentum more important, and adds strategy. You feel you have a good opportunity to counter, but maybe with just taking so much damage at once the risk factor is too high? Stuff like that.

  1. Parry from 3s with some differences. It would still reduce block stun, however it wouldn’t be possible to do in the air. In addition it wouldn’t work on projectiles. You would still eat chip damage from anything that normally does chip.

Reason: What I’m shooting for here is something that can be used to counter attacks without killing zoning/fireballs.

I’ll list more ideas as I think of them…

-links in 3d fighters

-Arcana Heart homing dash

I’d like to see meaty attacks that become unblockable simply because you can’t block on the 1st frame after going back to neutral, just to see how much it would break a game. Haha, morbid curiosity.

An extension from ground bounces and wall bounces; ceiling bounces.

What if there’s no ceiling? Well…

one game does both your ideals already. Phantom breaker’s “protection”, essentially is alternate gaurd but property equivalent to parry,( fast recovery, free cancels, and freezes opponent. How ever it can still protect agasint projectiles but since projectiles don’t freeze up, its near impossible to protect against meaty projectiles thus zoning still being strong.

though parry never ruin zoning except 3s parry which is broken to begin with.

Phantom breaker somewhat does this, though their not with out their counter measures.

parry didn’t ruin zoning in 3s. fireballs already suck even without parry. it’s not designed as a long range zoning game for the most part.

Personally, I’d like a return of the Alpha 2 CC system.

You can do those in the Home stage in DOA5/DOA5U.

I have no idea why there aren’t more 3D fighters that incorporate projectiles and meters.

I was going to reply with “For the simple fact that fireballs can be side-stepped.” but then I remembered 3s.
Third Strike allows you to parry moves (a way to avoid FBs like side-stepping, obviously), and in long ranges, fireballs lose their usefulness, however, they are not completely useless.
I think that’s a good idea.

Parries aren’t what killed fireball zoning in 3S. Bad fireballs are what killed fireball zoning in 3S.

Virtual On or Gundam Vs style projectiles would work well in 3D games

Out of curiosity why are fireballs bad in 3s? Ryu has 10f startup hadouken in 3s.