New Hulk/Phoenix Wright/Sentinel team?

I’ve heard that Phoenix Wright’s Get Em Missile can otg with Hulk…

But, How, exactly? I can’t find any combo videos on YouTube, anyone else who plays Hulk/PW and can explain this to me?

In the future you’ll want to take questions like this to character-specific forums or the team building thread stickied at the top of the page. But:

Get 'em Missile is slow, so you have to tailor combos around OTGing with it unlike Wesker’s or Deadpool’s OTG assists. Its best application is after Hulk’s command grab, which can be hard for Hulk to combo off depending on the spacing. Just do the command grab, call the assist, and it’ll hit OTG. In a regular combo you probably have to call the assist before you launch with S, then do something like j.H, j.S, and it’ll hit OTG allowing you to continue the combo.