New hugo player Strategy

please can all you hugo players help me out with some Beginners strategy that way i can get up to the good stuff oh and a lot of stuff about 720’ thanks

First thing you need to know is that you need to get used to being huge and slow, however, your speed will change as you get better

Second, Hugo mas more moves that his throws. I’ve notices hat people getting into Hugo always want to land his throws and nothing else.

Third. you need to play really smart, if your not smart your not scary. And anyone can tell you that a Hugo that’s not scary won’t win

Fourth, you have to understand that Hugo’s set-ups 99% of the time not guaranteed unless you timing is flawless, and even then they can just reversal you with something invulnerable

well can u tell me some of his set-ups

all i can say to you is dont do the same setups mix that shit up so that the person never know what move is coming next.

clap X3 low mk

4 lp claps

2 claps into low mk (some might try to parry the last clap)

2 claps into 360 mk

lk. lp clap 360 lk (on wake up)

2 claps dash lk clap…then whatever you want
I find all of this best in the corner and on wake up. the more you mix it up and and get them to just block whatever is coming coming next will open up spots to land the 720 so practice and mix it up my friend hope i helped good luck

lol no

THANKS for the help man

don’t make shit obvious. hugo has to be played very patiently. learn to punish mistakes and learn moves taht can be reversal timing 360. don’t get reckless while playing him cause he’s very easy to fuck up. but if you play him right then he becomes scary and people panic. another thing you should learn is to train ur opponent. come in with splashes and j. rh every now and then and mix it up with 360 when they dont expect it.

thanks for the advice do u have more lol

yeah yeah your right my bad i was just throwing things out the but lk not mk my bad but if you want to get better just play more and more learn from your mistakes and improve and you can alway look up match vids on youtube to see how really good players play hugo

PS: YSB is the man


This vid has a lot of essential things that you must know if you want to use hugo, but don’t take the triple clap combo on crouching remy too seriously. Nobody really falls for that. - MASTER THE WALKING 360 and the walking dp. These will make your opponent hesitate and increase your chances of confusing them.

Also, his SAI[Gigas Breaker] is great for getting the round, it has a lot of range, and it plants fear on your opponent once your stock is full.
SAII[Megaton Press] is great against players who jump a lot and are based on aerial based characters(ex. Twelve).
SAIII[Hammer Frenzy] is not as damaging as the other two, but it is universally abuseable against all the characters, has quite a few invincibility frames, has a small stock bar, allows a lot of ex moves, and moves very quickly across the screen.

Most importantly, Don’t be afraid of your opponent! Hugo relies on a confident player to maintain control of the match. Stick and move Mac! Join the nintendo fun club today!

Just a quick thing to add to the previous poster, SA2 has horrible priority so never use it to stuff moves. Occasionally you can grab someone out of a hurricane kick with it. It is still useful against anyone who spends too much time in the air.

SA3 is a blow-through super but the best place to land it is after a clap. The only quick and easy hit confirm he has with it is dLP, dLP, super.

this is a great vid