New hrap3 with button not working :(

hi all,

long time reader but now I need some advice…
I just received my PS3 HRAP3 from usa. I was just testing it out and I have found out my jab or ‘square’ button does not function at all. Now it took about 4 weeks to get to Australia so I don’t really want to have to send it back. I have tried the hrap3 on the computer as well but the button does not register.

Is this an easy fix I could do? If everything else is working perfect it shouldn’t be too bad should it?. I hope so… :shake:

thanks guys

Open it up and check the connections to/from the button are good and see if it might be shorting on something. If not you’ll need a new button, or just swap it for one of the ones you aren’t using.

if the problem is with the wiring, just swap out the wires for one of the right buttons, and reconfig your button.

thanks very much for the tips guys, opening the hrap as at the moment. :slight_smile:

ok i ended up changing the wiring from L2 to square and reconfigured the buttons and its all good. Something seems to be wrong with that particular wiring because the button is fine.