New HDR Ideas

I’ve been planning on creating a new Ranking system for HDR. It’ll be a PSN and SRK exclusive, but I do plan on expanding to other forums. I’ll use a new Ranking Calculator to overthrow this crap of a scoreboard system we are stuck with. It’ll be a Members ONLY exclusive, but it’s pretty much open to any SRK member. Of course there will be restrictions and pretty much control of anyone who abuses the system. I won’t be biased against Akuma, but playing him will grant you no wins/losses/points. He can be used as a tension breaker to throw your opponent off sync, but pretty much your opponent can call an end to the match without being punished. I will take RQ very seriously though. Give me your inputs on this idea, and I am open to anything. I won’t start anything though unless I can get enough approval or members for this.

I will also be throwing weekly tournaments with prizes. Prizes being points to increase your ranking in the Ranking system i mentioned above.

PLEASE let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Hmmm i think Akuma should be banned!, it’s annoying, as simple that.

Now… let’s talk about tourneys, i think fridays and saturdays are the best days to host tourneys, sometimes weekdays are too complicated for some of us.

And sometimes weekends are too complicated for others (I pretty much always have to work on Fridays and Saturdays). Can’t please everybody.

However, I’m definitely interested. Hope I can actually participate since I have much less free time than I used to.

I’ll say this: I was looking at the scoreboards for PSN HDR in remixed mode, and saw that X-PK-Fore and SmokeyDoggg are BOTH in the top 20, ranking higher than truly talented players like Rice, Hadouken696969, Jinjah, etc. That made me want to puke, and was the ultimate realization that this scoreboard is no indication of skill or true wins whatsoever. So I’m glad to have some sort of alternative to this.

Details on how this system would work?

True that, can’t please everybody, but why only in weekdays?.. tourneys can be hosted weekdays and weekends, i don’t see a problem with that.

Hado can do it on weekends and Titan can do it on week days. How about that?

This is the actual 713. My best days to host it are actually Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tuesdays seem to be the best because that doesn’t really call for anything that night for me. Thursdays seem to be the new Friday nights nowadays. That is best for me. Hado on the other hand has free time all the time, he could host a weekend tourny, but he’s lazy as shiz. I’d do it on a Friday night, because I usually go out around midnight, and tournies would start 7 p.m. pacific or my time 9 central. But i recently got some input from other players saying they are busy that night…so i’m not very sure that day is a good day.

I am really looking forward to creating a different ranking system, cause i know some very nice ways it could compliment the tourny, and viceversa. And TBH, I can’t be very biased against Akuma, because I’d want to have other players outside the “I hate Akuma” circle. But I will implement a no record gain or loss if someone does choose to play Akuma. Akuma would just be someone u’d use to build confidence, know what I mean? Like if I lost 100 matches to a guy and didn’t win one, but would still wanted to continue to play him, i’d choose Akuma to break a rythym, but I’d gain no points for doing so. But you never know, I could change that

First off give up on the rank system. Even with what you are going to create it still is not going to prove anything. It will just show who is good and who is bad. Not in a negative way just that some people are better than others. You probably are thinking isnt that what ranking is all about? Well sure but you are using a small sample of the pool.

Anyhow you should talk with Silver Rain 007 and see how he is running his WWL on xbox 360. I would be more than happy to help coordinate the league with you for the ps3. We would need some people to record matches for the tourney day but really check out his thread and see how it was ran. There will always be no shows and last minute drops but it still can be ran and it still can be fun. Here is the link.

Also I know you are trying to appease everyone but really just ban akuma. Sure he can be used for casual gameplay in the game but as with any tournament he is not used so dont used him with this either.

Anyhow not trying to still your thunder just giving a suggestion as you had asked.

Oh no man, i totally digg it. I wasn’t actually planning on thinking of using Akuma for tournament play whatsoever.

You throw a good point on the ranking deal, and I did consider that into mind. Still i’d like to try it out for a bit and see how it actually goes. I want to try breaking it into a variety of categories that way we just don’t have some person going for 10000 battles to rank 1st place on a single category like Wins

Yeah I’m still out there getting ideas on how this tourny would work. problem with ps3 vs 360 is that 360 seems to have more players willing to participate vs ps3, which we can barely fill up a 16 man tourny

I think if you could get something concrete going man you would be surprised by the number of applicants.

Well lets throw some stuff together and see what we can come up with.

That is the first time I’ve seen that WWL thread…I really like the game play variations they incorporate in each tourney. It should keep everyone on their toes and force people to learn characters they normally wouldn’t play. That should definitely keep it interesting.

…and yes, please ban Akuma.

I can help with the recording matches also if you need

No Akuma! Can’t these guys just pick Ken instead? No offense to Ken players, of course. I simply mean that Akuma is just way too over the top–they might as well have given him an Air Raging Demon. Sheesh.
The WWL’s setup is quite sophisticated and seems like a good starting point at the least.

Ranking systems like this help old games. Although the Top rated players aren’t always the best it makes games a little more fun knowing you are playing for pride and such, and that somewhere there are statistics of the matches you are playing. Maybe its just me, but more competition does mean more fun.

okay, no akuma. But i would need more members to take interest in it before i actually start the entire process. I’ll be hosting my first tournament, so lemme get started on that to launch something out.

Ken isn’t overpowered, he’s middle tier lol.

To akuma players the best choice to pick instead akuma is: Ryu, Sagat, Boxer or Claw, all top tiers over there lol

What kind of software or hardware do u use to record vids?, i thinking to start to record matches too.

I’m using Final Cut Pro to record and cut the vids.

My setup is weird. I have my PS3 plugged into my Sony FX-1 then that is connected via firewire to my Mac.

I need to find a good/cheap PVR so I can start recording in HD though.