New Hazama player!

Hey everyone!

I recently picked up CS as I loved CT and Blazblue as a whole.
I used to main Ragna but I love Hazama and really want to take the time to learn and main him. If anyone has some tips or any info at all I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance!

Abuse 214D-A for Oki. Continue with 5B > 3C > 236D
For Easy Heat, 3C someone in a corner > 236D > 66 > 5C > 2C > 4DA > Cx5 > 214B

Abuse the chain, dont feel bad, if your opponent is midscreen, throw it at them, and using 6D a lot, Zone them.
Never go in on an Unconfirmed chain.
With 50 heat, You are the most dangerous character in the game (If you can combo from Jayoku Effectively)
6B is +3(?) on block, use it in a Blockstring and punish anyone who tries to attack you (You can still get DP’d on IB)
Dont use Mizuchi randomly. Ever.
Troll people. 20 seconds left on the clock? 2D all day.
Have fun

To add to what TrueFist said.

Hazama basically has 2 BnBs you need to learn to play him.
His first is his mid-screen meterless combo, which can be summed up with stuff > 3C > ender. If you’re far it turns into 5B>5C(2)>3C>ender, if you’re close 5B>5C(2)>2C>3C>ender. There are 2 enders, one is 236D and the other is 214D~A. I generally prefer to end combos with 214D~A mid-screen since it gives you better heat and oki. In the corner you do a 214D (since it causes a wall-bounce) instead and continue the combo.

His second is his relaunch combo, which is basically looks like this 214D~C > 66 (for spacing purposes) > 6C > 66 > 5C(2) > 2C > 6D~A > 4D~A > 7 > j.8D > land > 623D > * 9 > j.6D~D > 66 > 6C > 66 > 2C > j.C(x5) > 5C(2) > 623D > 66 > Mizuchi
*(If you have trouble with this follow-up you can do 66 > 3C into whatever if you really can’t nail the rest of the combo, etc.)
This combo can also be started from air grabs, counter hit 3C and Houtenjin (ex. 5B>3C>Houtenjin).

Learn to use your chain and be unpredictable(!).
Know how your chain travels when you press the corresponding button (4D, 6D, j.6D, etc.) and don’t approach in the same manner (use all chain follow-ups, not just ~D. ~A, ~B and ~C are all useful). Watch pro Hazama matches (like with Buppa for example) and study how they use the chain. When you zone, remember to do a bunch of fake-outs with ~A, don’t always let them extend all the way (unless you think it’ll hit).
Also, don’t use the chain when they’re close or around mid-screen, since you can be punished for it.

Hazama’s pressure isn’t that scary or (too) tricky, but it’s relatively safe since you can end most pressure strings with moves that leave you safe on block (214D~A, 6B, 236D). Remember to be unpredictable and mix in jump-cancels, 6A, 236C, etc. keeping your opponent guessing. Remember that 3C(CH) and 214D~C can lead to big damage, so try and catch your opponents with those moves.

If you think the opponent will try and roll away from you after a knock-down, roll punish with 2A or 2B into (for example) …> 5C(2) > 2C > 4D~D > j.B > j.C(x1) > jump cancel > j.C(x5) > j.214B.

Try not to depend too much on Houtenjin as a reversal, because on whiff or block you are VERY vulnerable and you just paid 50 Heat to do so, in addion the prorate on Houtenjin is terrible if it’s used as a starter. Use it sparingly and learn to block and counter/escape properly instead. Gold Burst can be used as a reversal as well, if you hit the opponent with it then follow it up with 66 > 6C into relaunch combo.

To close off, this is my corner combo of choice from a standard BnB: stuff > 3C > 236D > 66 > 2C > j.C(x5) > 5C(2) > super jump > j.C(x5) > j.214B

Keep an eye out for when Dustloop comes back online again, they can help you more.

Trying not to lose to what ZhePrime said: Legit info Above

Less Combo’s more Playstyle.

Hazama is not built for close Range fighting, He is a Trickster who plays smart, Spaces well and makes the opponent play his game.
Remember to keep Distance, Super Jump a hell of a lot. Jump towards them and IAD away to throw them off, All of this can pay towards landing a Chain, and Going in for some Hefty Damage. (Note, His 5B is God Like, It will beat out most Non DP moves out close Range. Abuse it).

So dont be afraid to get up close on Oki, Play Mindgames with 214D. Condition them to block the Overhead, then hit a Low 214D into 5K Damage. If some Scrub Ragna runs straight towards you trying to get his precious 5B landed, Punish his ass with a 214D-B into a Counter 6D Combo.


3C no longer goes into 214D-C. Unless it’s a counter hit.
Hit the J.Cx5 Combo as much as you can, It’s a pure heat grinder.
3C has Hax Range, Abuse it into 236D
Starting the Match with 236D is great against slow characters (Except Hakumen…)
Htconfirm your Houtenjin with a 3C or Wallbounce. Go for a FC if your opponent is stupid, High risk high reward gameplay.

JP Players to watch:

Kaqn (Ragna Main, But his Hazama is okay, I guess)

Alright thanks guys this has really helped me alot :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing a bunch of matches and I feel like I’m improving ever so slightly

I’m going to watch those videos and see how those players play because it’s true when you said be unpredictable, that’s been my main win factor in matches, mixing up the use of the chain

The only character I have repeated trouble facing is Valk but that’s probably just due to my lack of knowledge on him

I love the game and I really appreciate all the info you guys have given, thanks a ton!

aside from combos try to get used a lot to his normal and his movements especially in air because it feels cheesy
using chains for mobility and tricks is fun you will have a lot of time to get used to it ^o^

I played omega red in mvc2, first FG I ever got into seriously. I love characters with range and mobility, so Hazama is the character for me. I’m a total BB scrub though, but I should learn pretty fast.