New guy on the SSF4 AE Block could use some friends!

Heya, I’ve been playing SSF4 for around 200 hours, and I’m looking to find some people that would be willing to spar up a bit with me.

I’d enjoy most to meet players that are moderately better than me, I still think I am fairly new to the game, but everyone is welcome!

This is my first post on Shoryuken, and I thought its about time to reach out to the best outlet for finding people in the community.

I play SSF4 AE on the PC, and my Steam name is Cinthix. Feel free to write back here, or to just add me. Appreciate it in advance and hope to fight some folks soon!


Hey bro, I need some time to get internet (just relocated) but check out my sig for my Steam ID. I need to get some training in as well…