A new picture of Guile. Well it’s the summer, i guess now would be the best opportunity to really practice with Painter and move away from the bold lines too. Oh well, maybe on the next picture. Comments and constructive criticisms welcome as always. Thanks for viewing.


The full pic:

you have silk smooth colors J.Z…:slight_smile: not a bad start dude… just watch out for proportions, especially with Guile’s right fist and wrist, (i also understand that Guiles hands are exaggerated somewhat especially in SFAlpha) something looks a bit off with the lines you drew for his forarm muscles…looking at Guiles Hair, It is quite flat looking maybe its from the bold outline surrounding it,I would throw in a couple more lines in there to show some depth to His Hairdo…keep it going man.

Nice colors jz. You definitely got better. This is now your best colors yet because you seem to 1up yourself all the time. Not my favorite drawing from you but the linework is very nice. Gstar covered most of the grounds so I can’t say much. Overall keep it going.

Everyones pretty much covered everything that needs tweeking

I think your bold lines look cool. Your’e really good at putting the weight in all the right places of the line. It really suits your style

Just want to say how amazingly clean your colors look. They are MEGA smooth! Excellent work!

Peter North yo :confused:

Good chit ! :tup:

“Silk smooth”? I like that simile. Thanks Gunstar. Great crit, thank you.

Thanks SFMC, do you still play SFIII on Xbox Live?

CptMunta: Thank you, “mega smooth” eh? Don’t get me wrong i do like my bold lines but i guess i don’t want them to be idiosyncratic of my work. They won’t disappear but i think there is a need to experiment more especially with the rate at which artists are excelling on this forum. I’m so glad you like them though.

Thanks SNAAAAKE for commenting.

Yeah, man. Your colors are quite nice, but the lineart needs some work. It’s great though! :tup:

…Good/Great pic, I like the colors also…

  • Ephidel

I’m always interested to see what you put up :slight_smile:

colours are nice as usual. hair is a bit flat, but everything else is coloured very nicely.

drawing-wise… just have a few points for improvement:

  • hair and face don’t share the same perspective. the shape of his hair seems to imply a worm’s-eye-view perspective, but the angle of the face doesn’t match. This makes his head look distorted. We should be able to see the underside of his jawline.

  • wrist and hand are a bit big, I think a slightly thinner wrist might have worked better.

  • general feel of the pic – I think he’d look more imposing with a more aggressive facial expression, and keep his singlet snug against his body instead of hanging loose. Guile’s got a muscular physique :slight_smile:

nice. good to see you’re pranching from your usual stuff. Like your pic in the SF4 thread too.

Kandoken: Line art needs work, got it! Thanks.

TRAVIS: Thank you.

rook: I normally have a good idea of what mistakes i’ve made or what areas need work. But the point on perspective i completely missed. In fact, i can’t look at it now without seeing the glaring mistake. I agree with the lack of aggressive-ness too. Thank you.