New "game" the kids are playing in jersey; Knockout!

in this case the “game” is to randomly assault some innocent stranger without any provocation or warning as viciously as you can…

not to come off as a racist here, but this video sure gives the impression that this “game” is played predominantly by african-americans with their victims being white almost each time. Should incidents like these be classified as a hate crime? Imo i think they should.

I hope they’ll get to play another “game” of hide the salami with a big cellmate in prison.

hope they assault the wrong person and get killed in retaliation

Man, this game is 20 years old. I can’t stand when they release an old classic without adding content.

Jersey is a trash pile

This is not news

Hope one of the kids get shot and there’s a bit on the news about “AHHWWWW DEY SHOT MAHH BAYBAYYYY”

I haven’t killed anyone, but when a group of blacks randomly attacked me when I didn’t even make eye contact with them, I definitely broke at least some arms and legs.

Lets play a new game called record the retards playing knockout then put a bounty on their heads.

everything is always a hate crime, I’m gonna wake up tomorrow and this is gonna be on the news titled:

“Black eyes for Black Face?”

I was marked as a victim and yes they were always black and I’m white. This isn’t just Jersey, happens in places in New York City as well.

What was that old saying?

“Don’t Poke the ElderGod” Or something or another like that?

Must be cool to hit a defenseless person when they don’t expect it. They’re even hitting women. Fucking heartless kids these days. This looks like a job for


I like how people try to make everything a race issue. These are just dickish kids who happen to be black doing dumb shit.

Nah, it’s a fact that this is a game that has been played by black teens and the targets are almost always whites.

They target from elementary school kids to senior citizens.

It’s worse in places like Chicago and New York City where it’s illegal to defend yourself.

People have been killed by this game before:

Yes, yes all black people are evil ZZzzzz.

Old people ain’t safe:

Too common:

I would be surprised if the people who are beaten up predominantly White. Most crime in the USA tends to stay in racial groups, ex. Black on Black Homicide makes up 90% of Black murders, I think the number for Whites is 85% in regards to White on White Homicide.

I feel bad for both parties, that these people hurting others don’t have anything else to do and really bad for the victims.

Wasn’t this a CSI episode?

it is a hate crime, period.

These kids need to run against the wrong dude, get shot. Then have them go cry to the police, and then have this shit blow up in their faces.