New Game Center in Madison, WI- Fighting Gamers Wanted!

I’m posting to inform any fighting gamers in the Madison area of the game center I recently opened on the east side: Fraggin’ Dragon Video Gaming Center. I would very much like to host fighting game tournaments for any and all fighting games. Please check out the website at Fraggin’ Dragon Game Center and use the link for the center’s Facebook page for more information.

I have planned a Super Street Fighter IV tourney for thursday, August 12th, though very few people have signed up so far.

post a thread for that tourney in particular and go to the regional matchmaking forums and post in all the threads with the info. you’ll get people.

Thank you, I will do that.

Thursdays are bad for people who live out of town, because of work.

I guess I didn’t realize so many fighting gamers were “have stick, will travel” kind of people. Judging by the threads here, it seems they (you) will go wherever the action is given the proper time and incentive. I think I’ll have to do some real planning before I get a real fighting game tourney together I guess.

finally someone who smartly realizes that you need serious planning before hosting a FG tourney.

just get to know the people through the forums, and put a date down for a get together, see how the scene is, then move on to bigger things. the scene can be fickle but we love to play and love a good venue so you will definitely get there man. keep at it.