New FTP Action MMORPG -- Divine Souls

So, I don’t know much about the game except that it is an action mmorpg and that the Closed Beta starts in two days (Thursday the 15th until Wednesday the 21st).

Divine Souls - Free Action MMO Game At Outspark

There is no longer a need for Beta Keys. It is an Open Beta now.

There are 3 classes, Fist, Sword, and Mage (not the actual names btw). From what I can tell, the game looks like a 3d Dungeon Fighter Online.

i signed up
i love bad free korean mmos

speaking of closed betas starting on the 14th
Heroes of Three Kingdoms
Heroes of Three Kingdoms - Free Fantasy MMORPG | Play Free Online Video Games
Yes it’s a perfect world owned game, but its dynasty warriors theme, cant go wrong with that srsly

They note on the website that the game is playable with a Gamepad/Joystick. So, you can get even more use out of those pricey arcade sticks!

The Beta information has changed. It is an Open Beta now. It starts at 12 P.M. PDT on Thursday the 19th (today), and lasts until 3 P.M. PDT on Wednesday the 21st. First 5,000 people to log-in get entered into a raffle to win an I-Pad.